Conscious Living Checklist


The EVOHE Conscious Living Checklist has evolved out of personal lifestyle choices to live consciously in relationship with local and global community and with the natural environment of our earth. Our commitment to the Checklist creates our strong foundation.

Director, Meg Forrester, provides an insight into the who, what and why’s that are behind EVOHE.

Naturally preserved and free from synthetics

Our preservation system is a blend of Totarol (bark sustainably harvested from the NZ Totora Tree), Silver, Citric Acid (found in all fruit and veggies) and a food grade preservation blend of bush tucker ingredients including Lemon Myrtle, Rainforest Lime and Rosemary.

EVOHE Seriously Supports Orangutan Protection

EVOHE Seriously Orangutan Friendly

We have done extensive research to ensure that none of our ingredients include, promote or support the use of palm in any way!

Help us support orangutans. Here are a few organisations that can give you some practical steps that will make a difference.


Certified organic, fair trade ingredients

We are clear about the percentage of Certified Organic ingredients we use throughout the EVOHE product range. However, we do not choose an ingredient simply because it has a “certified organic” stamp on it. Our investigation of ingredients goes beyond this. There are some ingredients in our range which we consciously chose in favour of a Certified Organic option. For example, our White Clay is Australian however not Certified Organic. We preferred in this instance to use an Australian ingredient. Our herbs are Naturopathic Grade NOT the certified organic cosmetic grade versions. This is because we believe that the naturopathic herbs are a lot more potent and beneficial in our topical treatments. We also use Colloidal Silver which is not available Certified. We did not want to omit a fantastic ingredient such as this simply because it didn’t have Certified Organic status.
Fair-Trade of course, is an important issue when choosing ingredients. For us, it is imperative. Our Brazillian ingredients, for example, are from a company who has been involved with the local communities in Brazil for over 50 years. They have assisted 1000’s of families out of poverty and provided alternative income sources to cut down the forest for money.

When it comes to rare botanicals in delicate environments like the Arctic Cloudberry seed, we honour the yearly restrictions and we actively support the preservation of these areas. Our Cloudberry seed is hand harvested and produced in a ZERO effluent manufacturing facility.

The Swiss Edelweiss is being organically farmed in order to bring it off the endangered species list. BIOSWISS monitor this process with diligence that is ensuring the protection of alpine heritage. We enjoy being part of this global community and supporting initiatives such as these


Vegan Tick and Cruelty Free

Vegan TickEVOHE products have the Vegan tick. Not only for the fact that we do not use animal derived ingredients or ingredients which have been tested on animals but for the element of compassion which is associated with the Vegan philosophy. EVOHE is an Accredited Cruelty-Free Company.

Minimised, comprehensive range

Happy BabyOur simple logic is that different sets of products for you, your partner and the kids is simply, not sustainable. It’s expensive and it adds unnecessary clutter to your life. We believe that you don’t need a separate product for this, that and the other thing. We actual think that this is just another marketing tactic to make you buy more products. Not only that, you are encouraged to use plenty so that you have to come back more frequently.

EVOHE products are potent and have multiple applications. You really can use them sparingly and for many skin types and conditions.

Feel free to connect with us if you have queries or concerns. We are happy to help.

Recyclable Packaging

recyclable-packagingMost of EVOHE’s containers are glass or recyclable PET. *Please note some of our containers are however not and we are working towards updating all of our materials to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Our boxes are printed on recyclable cardboard and we use vegetable oil (soy based) ink.


Australian Made and Australian Owned

EVOHE Australia Owned MadeEVOHE is proudly Australian owned and made. We use as many native Australian extracts as possible and we are so proud of this.



Ethical and sustainable business practises

Earth friendly

EVOHE joins a new generation of independent businesses that are serious about an evolution in ethical and sustainable business practices and the production of quality, natural products.

We are not a corporate company with a million dollar marketing campaign. We rely on our products to do what we say they are going to do. In order to achieve these results, we focus on providing value for money NOT on the bottom line. Finding a balance between the “mainstream business world”and running a business based on ethics has its challenges. But wherever we have sought alternatives we have found them. Standards in all industries are on the rise and we enjoy surrounding ourselves with other ethical and genuine business people who are offering products of true value.

Not tested on animals

Not Tested On Animals

EVOHE is serious about being cruelty-free and we will never test our products on animals.