Is your skin care range certified organic?

When we source and research raw materials we don’t decide to use something because it has organic certification. We continue to do our homework and make our decisions based on many factors.

As a brand on a whole, we have chosen not to certify the EVOHE range. We state the % (percentage) of certified ingredients on each product. This can range up to 99.6% certified organic ingredients on some products. We source a number of raw materials that are unavailable Certified Organic e.g- Bushflower Essences, Colloidal Silver and Tissue Salts.

In the beginning of production, we had the option of purchasing Certified Organic herbal extracts, however their potency was questionable as they had no smell or colour.  This was one of the factors that led us to choosing Naturopathic grade herbs (for internal use) as we believe they have greater topical benefits. Some of these herbs are not available Certified Organic.

We have also chosen Australian ingredients; for example, Clay (non certified). We decided to use Australian over an international product due to the desire to support Australian ingredients and because our research indicated that the Australian product is potentially purer than the imported alternative.

All of these decisions affect the percentage of certified organic materials in our products, which affects our potential for overall Organic Certification.

We understand the importance of the role that the certifying bodies play and we respect their dedication.

Our priority at EVOHE is to produce the purest product with the best possible ingredients, based on our own research and standards using organic certification guidelines.

Do your products contain gluten?

No. EVOHE is Gluten Free.

Are EVOHE products safe for my baby?

Yes, however even natural ingredients can potentially cause reactions for anyone. Therefore, we recommend patch testing any products especially on infants.

Each product label states whether or not it contains nut-oils. It is often recommended to avoid nut-oils with infants. EVOHE Foam Wash and Repair Intensive do not contain nut oils.

Are the containers recyclable?

Yes.  From the carton, to the container, to the dispensing pump/mist spray. We are very conscious of recyclables and the impact on our environment, in all aspects of our business.

I pumped the Repair Intensive dispenser several times but no product came out. Is something wrong with the product dispenser?

This product employs an airless pump dispenser which utilises a vacuum system to dispense the product. Airless packaging helps to keep air and other contaminants out of the product, thus extending shelf life and reducing preservatives. When using your airless pump dispenser for the first time, you may need to “prime” your dispenser. To “prime” your dispenser, pump dispenser slowly about 10-15 times. A gentle tap on top of the dispenser will also assist with priming. This process of “priming” will activate the vacuum pump system. If at anytime your dispenser stops working, simply repeat the “priming” process to activate the vacuum pump system.

If I have oily skin why would you be recommending the 3.6.9 Omega? Isn’t that adding oil to my problem?

Often oily skin tendency is due to the skin overcompensating for the lack of nourishment. By feeding the skin with Omega rich oils, a balance can be experienced.

Can my husband use EVOHE products too?

Yes! EVOHE products are unisex. We designed the range so that the whole family can use it. From infants to teenagers, mature skin, men and women. A lot of men use the Foam Wash for hair, face and body. They often use it to shave with followed by Moisture 24/7 or the 3.6.9 Omega. Keeping it simple with just those two products seems to work well for most.

Why do you have so many applications for each product? Why not have a specific Hand Cream or Eye Serum?

EVOHE products are sustainable on many levels.  We don’t believe in offering a different product for every different part of the face and for every different skin type, age group, gender etc.

We designed the range so that we as a business and you as a consumer can DOWNSIZE!

If you look at labels and start reading ingredients you may notice that a hand cream formula for example is almost identical to a body cream formula.  Likewise, a body wash label reads very similar to a hand wash or shampoo label. This is why we choose to offer the Foam Wash product as one that does all of these things.  If you add up how much you spend on three different products you will see the value for money that EVOHE offers by having these multiple applications.

If you ever feel confused about the applications or have questions please feel free to contact us and we will assist!

Our website and brochures state the multiple applications of each of the products.

Is the Titanium and Zinc Oxide in your mineral make up bad for me?

No. The minerals we use in EVOHE are larger molecules than nano and are designed to sit on the surface of the skin. Therefore, they do not penetrate or aggravate.

We suggest blending the powder into our EVOHE Skin Care products such as 3.6.9 Omega, Moisture 24/7 Lite and Repair Intensive, which reduces the possibility of breathing in the powder. Breathing in fine powder/minerals of any kind is not recommended and can irritate.

When Zinc or Titanium is used in other combinations with other materials, it is known to be harmful, however not in the case of EVOHE Colours.

How do you preserve the products?

It does vary with each product but in general, our preservation system is a blend of Totarol (bark sustainably harvested from the NZ Totora Tree), Silver, Citric Acid (found in all fruit and veggies) and a food grade preservation blend of bush tucker ingredients including Lemon Myrtle, Rainforest Lime and Rosemary.

Do EVOHE products have a use-by-date?

EVOHE has an 18-month shelf life and each product is stamped with a ‘use within six months’ symbol. This refers to a recommendation to use within six months.

Will refrigerating the products make them last longer?

No. We recommend storing EVOHE products in a cool area (below 30 degrees) out of direct sunlight. Refrigeration is recommended for those in particularly hot climates but this will not necessarily make the products last longer. Some people like refrigerating EVOHE products before use for soothing/refreshing sensation. For example, Repair Intensive for sunburn, or Face Mist on hot days.

Who are the people behind the product? Is it Australian Made & Owned?

Meg & Barry Forrester created EVOHE. You can read their story here.

Why do you use so many imported ingredients and not just focus on Australian only?

As Global Citizens, we decided to support various communities and projects around the world.

Our skin care range contains 100% natural ingredients sourced sustainably under fair trade practices from pristine environments in Australia, the Arctic Circle, the Swiss Alps and the Brazilian Rainforest.

For example, raw ingredients from the Arctic Circle have been sourced through a facility using sustainable, effluent free practices for harvesting the bioactive qualities in Arctic plants and has been GAP (Good Agronomic Practice) Approved for its stringent environmental compliance.

Our search for perfect, all natural, organic ingredients also led us to the crystal clear, rarefied atmosphere of the Swiss Alps. We have sourced some extraordinary ingredients through a program specialising in the production of exclusive, highest quality vegetal extracts, while preserving natural Alpine plant heritage and biodiversity. All production is guaranteed by the Bio-Swiss seal of approval.

I feel a slight burning sensation after applying the Silica Mask. Is this normal?

This is a common sensation after the first 30 seconds – 1 min of application. It is more of a heating sensation than ‘burning’ as such. The ingredients in Silica Mask are quite activating and for women there are specific times during their cycle when the skin can be more sensitive.

Allow a little time after application and the heating sensation should pass. If not, please discontinue use.

I feel a bit raw after using the Exfoliate. I have it in the shower and use it a few times a week.

Be aware that this is a Treatment Product and is also designed to be quite active and stimulating. It can be a little tempting if you have it in the shower to use it more than necessary. If you are feeling a little sensitised by this product, only use it once a week or even once a fortnight. Be gentle when you massage the product on to the skin and even try compressing the product on to the face rather than massaging.

Feel free to call EVOHE HQ if you have queries or concerns.

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