Trial Pack vs. Travel Kit


This is a little note to you, whether you’re a long-term EVOHE lover or EVOHE is a recent discovery…

You may have noticed that our Trial Pack has changed. It’s colourful and full of variety and even includes EVOHE Colours Mineral Powder – which is amazing!

The intention with this new version of the Trial Pack is for those new to EVOHE to get to experience a variety of products at a great price.  You will notice that there are smaller sizes in this pack and more goodies to try.

We know that the previous Trial Pack was a great option for travelling with EVOHE, but we also knew that it could be improved. So we have done just that, and now, we are so excited to introduce the Travel Kit!

Our in-house beauty therapist, Lynette loves to travel with Foam Wash on a Bamboo Face Cloth when she’s on a plane. Melissa, another EVOHE lover has been known to put a Silica Mask on during long car trips, and most people who love EVOHE know how handy it is to have a bottle of Mist in your handbag at all times!

We have heard all sorts of stories of people taking EVOHE on their worldly adventures, and it’s always a joy. So please feel free to share yours!

We believe we’ve come up with a great all-around kit to accompany you on whatever kind of journey you’re departing on..!

With love, EVOHE xx