Winter Skin Care Tips


Winter is here! This means shorter days and cooler nights! A change of season means a change to your skin regime in order to prevent skin problems that can arise during the cooler months. For some, it’s more than just a general feeling of dryness. Have you experienced or do you know anyone who has itchy flaking or even cracked skin? The low temperatures, low humidity and harsh winds draw away the moisture in our bodies and deplete our skin of its natural lipid layer. ¬†Those who experience skin conditions such as eczema can often experience a flare up during a change of season.


Using a combination of a face oil with a normal moisturiser leaves your skin moist throughout the Winter months. Of course giving your skin a good buff and exfoliate is essential to get rid of the old, tired, dry and dead skin cells to fully allow the moisturising oils to hydrate effectively.