5 creative & eco-friendly gift-wrap ideas!

Don’t spend piles of money on fancy wrapping paper that will soon become piles of waste. Try these cheap and easy gift wrap ideas instead!

#1: recycling papers and cardboard to form pretty gift packages


Even if you don’t have newspapers lying around these days…they are a cheap gift wrapping idea that can be used over and over again! Look around your house for little scraps of cardboard and paper, or get your children to create something magical to jazz it up a bit.

#2: Adorable, handmade heart tags and reusable gift boxes wrapped in twine


Handmade items are always such a special way to give a gift…let someone know you care by making your own cute gift tags. Get creative!

#3: Furoshiki – Japanese fabric folding technique


A gorgeous and intricate way to package a gift to someone you love. Have a look up on Youtube for tutorials on how to accomplish this!

#4: Thread twine through bay leaves or another fragrant leaf


Get back to nature and collect some pretty leaves to wrap around your present. Bonus points for picking a leaf that smells divine!

#5: Old sheet music for gift wrap


Remember when you were in the school band?! You probably still have some old sheet music lying around…somewhere.

And if you don’t quite feel like getting THAT creative OR wrapping…you can easily grab an EVOHE e-gift card here!


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