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Meghan Kurts
CEO EVOHE Skincare, Author, Solo Mum, Host - When Sh*t Gets Real, Be Your Best Friend & Nurture Through the Cycles.

Meg is the solo parent of a 4 year old boy, author of 2 books with a 3rd on the way, and CEO of EVOHE ethical skincare.

She runs the When Shit Gets Real page where we dive deep into all sorts of juicy conversations and offer workshops and courses for both men and women, when it comes to shit getting real!

She cared for her first husband through 3 years of cancer and is also solo parenting because the father of her child just recently passed from cancer.  She lost both her parents in the last few years along with 3 close friends and her god mother.

She’s been present at births and experienced a pretty traumatic one herself. Life has been full of speed bumps (and that’s only the last decade LOL).

She’s dived deep into her childhood, her lineage and how she ended up here. Along the way she’s discovered some pretty awesome resources which have saved her sanity and given her direction and a healthy framework to stand on her own two feet. Now she can honestly say that she is happy with where she is at. It doesn’t mean life is all rosy, it’s still pretty tough, but she now has the tools and knows they’ve worked for her. Meghan would love to share them with you.

Her family life and friendships are rich with meaningful connections, she experiences a work life balance and enjoys the pleasure of being a woman.

EVOHE is the love child of Meghan Kurts (nee Forrester) and her late husband Baz…

They started EVOHE 12 years ago with a dream of creating a truly authentic lifestyle brand that celebrated life and didn’t compromise on quality or our precious environment.

It’s certainly been a juggle and there have been a few speed bumps along the way, but EVOHE has remained solid in its ethical foundations and its consistent supply of truly amazing products.

For Meghan, it’s been impossible to separate business from personal and it’s actually what makes life so meaningful for her and those she touches. Either literally with the beautiful EVOHE products or emotionally with the books, course and workshops that she offers.

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  1. Leigh says:

    I first met Meghan and Baz at Flannery’s Miami around 10 (?) years ago (Evohe was then located at Burleigh). Baz demonstrated some of the products on my skin and, at that time, I was looking for a natural skin care (other ‘naturals’ I had used didn’t measure up). Well, I fell in love with the feel and the fragrance, started with one and went from there, eventually finding ‘colours’ (I had tried 2 other natural mineral foundations) which make my skin feel like I’m not wearing makeup at all, even at day’s end – and it lasts! I have bought different colours over the years and mixed and matched to get the right tone (my skin has changed over time). Thank you, Meg, your passion and love (and the difficult times and hardships) for what you do comes through in these beautiful products.

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