BABES Supporting BABES

BABES supporting BABES

Last Wednesday, Kira Westwick hosted one of her BABES supporting BABES events here on the Gold Coast. Meg got the chance to speak at the event and open up about self love, self nurture and of course empowering women. It was a day full of emotions and tears, with so many inspiring stories shared by those in the community – including Meg’s own story. Meg said that she met so many amazing women and it didn’t take long to realise that all of us have similar stories. We start to recognise that we’re not alone which was the key take away from this event. There is really some practical self care practices that we can do that will make a difference!




About Kira


Kira Westwick is a Certified Nutrition Coach, dedicated mother, wife and business owner. She combines her love for family, food, and her passion and knowledge for living a healthy and fit lifestyle. You can visit her website here, her Facebook here and her Instagram here

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