Beauty for Busy Mums

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Being generally busy ALL THE TIME, I know what I want to ask my son and my husband for – a big block of time. Time for myself, time to sleep in, time to go and have a coffee and a walk at the beach, time to read the papers and see a friend and maybe go for a run. Since you can’t buy time by the block (imagine how awesome that would be if you could!) I’ll settle for being served breakfast in bed and a Vogue subscription for the iPad.

The reason I’d like time is it’s really quite extraordinary just how much work little people are. “Busy mum” doesn’t even begin to cover the chauffeuring, dummy washing, nappy changing, book finding, cake baking, playdate organising, sock finding, school bag packing, lunch making Ninja abilities you need to master on a daily basis.

And whilst we wouldn’t have it any other way, sometimes it’s important to keep a sense of yourself, as that can get hidden beneath the Secret Ninja Mum capabilities. Part of that I’ve found is keeping space for pampering yourself and having a mini beauty routine. So you don’t disappear into Nappy Valley and Bob the Builder World.

The key? Streamlining your routine and choosing just the things that make YOU look best. This isn’t going to be a post telling you to drink more water, drink less coffee and get more sleep – we all know what we SHOULD be doing. These beauty tips are for those times when you have a baby on your hip, a toddler refusing to get dressed and your daughter calling for her socks. Maybe we should call it Ninja Mum Beauty – stealth beauty you can sneak in when you have 2 minutes here, three minutes there:

  1. Wash your face in the shower.
  2. After showering, use a spray moisturiser such as EVOHE Body Mist instead for easy and quick application!
  3. Moisturise your face. Yes really. Dry, dehydrated skin would make even Megan Fox look haggard so get moisturising. Try the Moisture Lite or Omega 3.6.9.
  4. Perfect looking skin goes a long way to helping you face the day feeling good. Mix the Omega 3.6.9 with EVOHE Colours for a light foundation that hides those slight imperfections but still let you be you. If I’ve not slept enough (so most of the time), I mix up a bit of powder into my moisturiser and apply as a concealer with a small brush. Concealer, done!
  5. Find an organic mascara to help make your lashes look lush and eyes look awake.
  6. I also have to highly recommend EVOHE’s Silica Mask when you’re brushing teeth or doing laundry. Five minutes with it on makes you look like you’ve had eight hours sleep. And we all know what a rarity that is!

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