Beauty Junkies! 10 Reasons to go Natural

1. No toxic chemicals!

Genuine organic and natural products have no nasty petrochemicals such as mineral oils, sodium laurel (and laureth) sulphate, propolene glycol etc. Toxic chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects and learning disabilities DO NOT belong in products we smear on our bodies.

2. Because everything we put on our skin, soaks in!

In fact, humans can absorb up to 60% of any product that is applied to the skin.

3. A healthier alternative

Authentic natural, organic skincare products are more ‘active’. They often contain up to 95% active ingredients (excluding water) rather than the usual 5% active ingredients in most everyday personal and skin care products. Use brands that are formulated using only natural, organic and rarefied ingredients, sustainably produced and sourced under fair-trade agreements from pristine natural environments around the world. Ensure that the ingredients are 100% naturally processed and preserved to ensure their potent, active properties.

EVOHE is highly effective because it contains significant concentrations of exceptional quality, raw ingredients with known benefits to nutritional health and overall wellbeing, providing profound results for your skin and setting new benchmarks in natural skincare.


4. The skin is the body’s largest organ. We need to look after it!

New skin is constantly being generated and because it plays such a vital, defending role – it’s extremely important to avoid using products containing chemicals that can damage the skin.

5. Genuine natural, organic products do not contain synthetics.

The vast majority of skincare products available today contain commonly-used synthetic ingredients such as Parabens and SLS. These synthetic ingredients have been recognised to cause irritation in some people and may have more serious damaging effects longer-term.

6. Natural skincare is more cost effective

Yes, natural and organic skincare products may seem pricier (they are in most cases), but the truth is that there’s a TON more value to these products. For example, only the most pure and natural ingredients available are used. These ingredients come at a higher price, however due to the purity of them, the products can be applied sparingly!  The result? You will save time, money and you you will cut right back on buying multiple products that you simply don’t need.

Conventional skincare products are very cheap to make. The ingredients used are easy to make in huge quantities in labs. They are chemicals that are synthetic, or come from refined byproducts of petroleum. What you are really paying for is the expensive high tech packaging and marketing campaigns endorsed by celebrities.


7. Reduce impact on landfill

By cutting down on unnecessary packaging and product! Natural skincare often has multiple applications to reduce unnecessary consumption and overall environmental impact.

8. Support Earth’s safe farming practices 

Organic products have been grown without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilisers. This means you are not only helping your skin and your health by avoiding them, the ripple effect is that you are encouraging earth safe farming practices by choosing organic and helping to prevent more toxic buildup in our dump sites.

9. Prevent toxic chemicals being washed into our drains

Natural. organic products are environmentally friendly as many of the products found in your skin care are toxic to the environment as well as toxic to you. Many of those ingredients are washing down our drains, into our oceans, farms, water supplies and back into our bodies recycling those toxins over and over again.

10. Great sense of freedom and satisfaction to show off your natural beauty!!

EVOHE Lets you be the real you!


One thought on “Beauty Junkies! 10 Reasons to go Natural

  1. Fanny Huber says:

    While they are rather pricey as far as skincare products go (though for such high levels of organic ingredients, the price is actually quite reasonable), I find they work far better than more expensive big name (chemical laden!) products. Many of the Evohe products are available in trial size so you can test them out without outlaying much money, and they are quite concentrated formulations so a little goes a long way.

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