Burnout Prevention and Recovery

These days burnout is not an IF but a WHEN.

It's not pretty or fun and recovery takes time. Prevention IS better than cure.

Burnout costs our country billions of dollars in workers compensation and mental health related services every year.

From 'drama' to 'calmer' - Meghan Kurts Forrester

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Are you suffering from Adrenal Fatigue or Burnout? Self care is crucial, statistics show that millions of people every year experience depression, anxiety and burnout. The first step to recovery is self awareness. Bravo for making it this far…you’re not alone!

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Meghan Kurts Forrester is an accredited Mental Health First Aid practitioner. Her vast life experience adds to her pool of knowledge in the management of burnout and fatigue. Her personal life story provides a foundation of reliability for men and women, singles or parents, business managers or employees. She shares her knowledge by using an understanding of biology and our common humanity.

Mental Health First Aid:
Resources to continue and develop your own resilience and integration strategies.
Step 1 – Free Ebook | SOS Self Care Strategies (download below)
Step 2 – In person | 4 simple steps to get you and or your team on the right track in 30 minutes.
Step 3 – Customize | 1-3 hours workshops tailored to suit your needs. Resources to continue and develop your own resilience and integration strategies.

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Free downloadable resources

With her expertise in self care/nurture, Meghan Kurts Forrester has a large library of free resources to share with you – from a self care ebook packed with self nurture tips and tricks, to a Toilet Cubicle Meditation poster to unwind and relax with the tools to help you do so, no matter where you are.

Recovery from burnout is possible with the right tools and advice to get you there. Download your FREE resources today and start your journey to recovery!


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