Would you say you speak to yourself like you would a good friend?

Do you sit quietly or meditate daily?

Image: The Travelling Light

How many glasses of water do you drink daily?

Do you stretch or intentionally move your body daily?

Do you feel compassion and self love when you look in the mirror?

Do you give yourself a foot massage or receive massages regularly?

Do you eat a nourishing meal each day?

Do you get a daily dose of sunshine and fresh air?

Do you like to plan adventures or holidays and work towards making them happen?

Do you take care of your nails regularly (file, buff, cuticle oil)?

Are you suffering from burnout?
Bravo! You are well on your way to Self Care mastery.

Maybe you've known the reality of burn out before and have worked out a way to find equilibrium? Well, either way it's up to you now to be a 'lantern' and shine your light brightly, giving others permission to self care like a boss too.

Showing how it's done and living by example is really where it's at. It's like leading a revolution...healing the planet one person as a time, and all it took was to be your own best friend.

Genius, congratulations! Please stay in touch with us, we would love to hear more from you and any fabulous ideas you might have in spreading the important message of self care.

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You've got this!

Self care is something easier said than done, but you're well on your way and there's no turning back now! You know what you need to do to be your own best friend, and it starts with being a good listener.

Do yourself a favour and really listen to your body so that it doesn't tip over into burn out. Learn to back off a little when you feel yourself 'pushing through' - building up a reserve by being gentle, can make a HUGE difference.

Getting out in nature and getting a dose of fresh air is always a good option too. Take a kind look in the mirror and tell yourself what you need to hear. You've got the knowledge and wisdom...it's just time to put it into practice!

Stay tuned, we have tons of great ideas to keep you on track with self care. We're pretty passionate about it!

Want more information and resources on burnout recovery?

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The only way is up!

There's no time better than the present to make a difference. Self care is not just a 'nice sounding' idea, it is a crucial ingredient to health AND happiness.

You absolutely deserve to put yourself first, so pick something easy and make it happen. Be gentle with yourself, and allow this new way to being to naturally unfold.

See yourself with true kindness and listen to your body as if it were your best friend. Let nature show you how it's done, and see what happens when you decide to unplug a little more.

Recovery is in your sights, but we're warning you! Self care is contagious, and once you get a taste for it and commit to keep going, you will really start to see the benefits ripple out in your life...and others will notice too.

We understand how hard it can be to maintian self care practices. You're absolutely not alone! We are here to help and have tons of great ideas, so if you ever need a helping hand, just shout out.

Want more information and resources on burnout recovery?

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