Coconut Vanilla Custard

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Coconut Vanilla Custard

This is an alternative to the fake version of custard powders on the market, also a wonderful way to not go without. This creamy dairy free, rich vanilla custard is so easy to make and can be a breakfast or dessert option on chopped up banana and cinnamon.

– Chef Cynthia Louise


1 Cup Coconut Milk

1 Vanilla bean

Pinch of salt

1/4 Cup Maple Syrup

2 tsp corn flour

1 tbls water


1. In a pot add the coconut, vanilla, salt and maple, bring to a slow simmer.

2. In a small saucer, mix together the cornflour and the water to make a paste.

3. Add the cornflour mix to the simmering custard, and whisk constantly till thick (approx. 30 secs).

4. Turn off heat, serve hot or refrigerate and have cold for breakfast on fruit.



Cynthia Louise

“I believe that the mind is the start of optimal health.”
– Chef Cynthia Louise

Chef Cynthia Louise completed her formal culinary training at a leading health retreat on the Gold Coast hinterland.  Since then, she has focused her work on whole foods—food that is grown, harvested, cooked, and eaten as nature intended with low human interference—and how they affect the functioning of all our organs from the inside, out.

She found her calling: to inspire and educate people to create simple dishes that become the building blocks for optimal health. Along the way, Chef Cynthia has worked alongside many health practitioners to assist people dealing with weight loss, allergies and cancer in building a stronger body through the foods they consume.  Her versatility has seen her working along side high performance athletes, professional dancers, models, house wives and personal trainers.

Her true passion lies in the act of helping people create stress-free, simple dishes that taste wonderful but also serve the whole body. Chef Cynthia Louise has excelled in the area of facilitating creativity in the humblest of kitchens around the world.  She offers valuable instruction—not only in how to eat better but also how to shop for and prepare simple meals that offer high substance, without participating in what has become global epidemics due to unhealthy lifestyles and diets.

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