What our customers LOVE about Evohe Colours Mineral Foundation…

We asked our Facebook fans what they love about EVOHE Colours Mineral Powder.. here’s what they said:

“Love that I can do a light dust over the Moisture Lite during the day or mix with Omega 3.6.9 for night giving a natural but full coverage glow.” – Sarah Shaw

“Everything, you can make it as dark or as light as you need, you can blend over areas that you need without having to cake over your whole face, dose not feel like you have a makeup mask on as it feels very natural & light.” – Serena Sichter

“Does not feel cakey or block my pores, gives my skin a nice glow, soothes my sensitive skin, nice coverage but looks natural” – Kira Westwick

“I use the medium and the light, I can mix the perfect shade throughout all of the seasons…and as Sarah said… a little dusting or an all out full glamour coverage…thanks Evohe xx” – Tania Hodson

“Really enjoying its natural look, ease of application and light feel, all combined with the knowledge I’m not putting something full of chemicals on my face. Thanks for a great product!” – Cecily Arms Rosol

“I love the many different uses! Tinted moisturiser, full coverage foundation, concealer, blemish cover up, finishing powder, sun protection. I will NEVER use anything else! XxXx” – Amanda Wren

“Love everything about it. My fav foundation ever. It sits nicely on the skin, blends well in Omega 3.6.9 oil and I swear it’s been the number 1 product to help clear up my acne.” – Alanna Christiansen

“What is not to love about this amazing product. Its many uses, the amazing coverage, the natural finish, the fact that there are no preservatives and you can make a liquid foundation that suits you. People always comment on how lovely your skin is when you wear it. Love it, love it!” – Ecomarket

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