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With busy days and more commitments than ever, we often neglect taking care of our bodies – you can hide it away in a selfie after all 😉 But here are some body products that will get your taking care of your body in no time.

Face & Body Exfoliant

Face and Body Exfoliant 190ml

Treat yourself to an exfoliating massage…before you step in the shower. Using this product on dry skin will actually give you the best results, but don’t take our word for it…try it yourself!

The idea of exfoliation may seem exhausting in our already packed daily schedules, but what if we told you that this can help with stretch marks, cellulite and ingrown hairs? Just by giving yourself a delicious exfoliating massage a few times a week? Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us!

Body Mist

Body Mist 100ml

Don’t have time for moisturising? Then this is the product for you. Just spray & go for instant hydration that leaves your skin feeling soft and silky smooth.

It can also be used as a leave in conditioner as a hair treatment and is super useful for sun burn – how’s that for multi-tasking?!

Omega Body

Omega Body 100ml

So nourishing, so moisturising and made with 97% organic ingredients. Use it as a nourishing body moisturiser relieving dry and dull skin, or as an all over body massage, an after-shave treatment, leave-in hair treatment or even as a bath oil. So many uses for a bottle that is so full of goodness!

Espresso Scrub Bar

Espresso Bar

All natural and handcrafted – it’s tough love on rough skin! Containing nourishing mango butter & stimulating organic coffee that will detox the skin and promote cell stimulation.

Remember that it’s essential to exfoliate to remove dead, dry skin cells and to encourage your moisturiser to hydrate your skin effectively!

Foam Wash

Foam Wash 175ml

Although this product can be used as a face wash, hand wash, shave cream and shampoo…it is super effective as a body wash too. Plus how easy would it be to just use one product for everything?!

Our Foam Wash is the perfect multi-tasker that doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils.

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