EVOHE Colours Natural Makeup Revolution

Natural Mineral Makeup Revolution EVOHE Colours Mineral Powder Makeup

Mineral makeup may seem like a new addition to the mainstream makeup world, but it’s origins actually go back to ancient times. Traditionally, natural minerals were ground up to enhance or camouflage the skin until mineral makeup officially went commercial in the 70s!

Since then, there have been many developments in mineral makeup formulation making it a fierce rival to conventional makeup. What really distinguishes mineral makeup from conventional makeup is what is left out, rather than what is added in.

What to look for when selecting a mineral makeup powder

You may think that all mineral powders are the same right? Actually…no!

Mineral is a broad term in the makeup world and it doesn’t always mean that you are getting the most natural ingredients possible. Many ‘mineral’ makeups contain ingredients that can irritate and congest your skin, which is especially concerning for those with acne prone or sensitive skin – the most common users of mineral makeup! We recommend reading the label closely to ensure you’re buying quality mineral makeup.

Here are some warning signs to look out for when shopping for mineral makeup:

  • Avoid anything with the words or phrase ‘mineral-enriched’ this translates to very little mineral content with things like parabens or preservatives filling in the gaps
  • Look closely at anything that isn’t a powder such as liquids, mousses. Because of the way these are formulated they often contain preservatives, fillers, dimethicone and other extra unnecessary ingredients to give it that smooth texture
  • Check for things such as nano, talc, filters, bismuth and binders. These are sneaky ingredients that often appear in ‘mineral’ powders that are definitely not necessary or natural
  • Try shopping with smaller boutique brands, large-scale cosmetic brands tend to sell ‘mineral’ makeup that include irritants, synthetic ingredients and inexpensive fillers that are great for producing on a large-scale, but not so great for skin

Your skin will thank you for making the switch to natural makeup, and here are our 4 reasons why:

4 benefits of mineral makeup natural powder

4 benefits of using Mineral Makeup Powder

  1. Built-in sun protection – living in the harsh Aussie weather means we’re constantly battling with the risk of sun-exposure, even when the sun isn’t out. Mineral makeup powders use titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which naturally provide a level of sun protection from UVA and UVB, equivalent to around SPF 15. However, we always recommend this as an addition to your regular sun-protection, as we all know the Australian sun is especially harsh, exposing you to damaging ultraviolet rays.
  2. Great for acne prone or sensitive skin types – dealing with sensitive skin is always tough when it comes to face products, including makeup. A good quality mineral makeup free of the warning signs above is an ideal choice for those who have anything from redness, itchiness, irritation, pimples or acne. It not only assists in concealing any imperfections without further irritation, but research suggests that anti-irritating ingredients such as zinc can assist in soothing skin as well. Often makeup can be a culprit when it comes to irritation and acne, so break the cycle with a mineral powder!
  3. It feels like a second-skin – when applied correctly, mineral makeup doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing anything! Many conventional makeups contain talc which can give a less-pigmented formulation and the need for more layers – eek. Mineral powders containing zinc oxide and mica are lightweight and breathable, so they’re perfect for those who don’t enjoy the look or feel of wearing makeup, but still want to look and feel their glowing best.
  4. Versatile pigments – because of how natural mineral powder is, it can be used as a multi-use product for anywhere on your face. Think lip colour, blush, highlighter, eyeshadow, eyeliner and without the need to worry about irritation. In addition, mineral powders are easily blendable which means you can mix to match your own skin tone.

What is the best mineral powder?

We might be a bit biased, but our EVOHE Colours Mineral Powder is a winner. There’s no extras that may cause irritation and as a bonus, you can mix it with our completely natural skincare for a glowy/dewy or matte finish, depending on your product choice (that’s the revolutionary part).

Our mineral powder is makeup that FEELS like skincare. It is light, breathable and gives your skin glowing natural protection, coverage and hydration. It’s made of 100% pure minerals as well as being vegan, natural, cruelty free, palm oil free and suitable for ALL skin types – even sensitive and acne prone.

So how does the EVOHE Colours makeup revolution work?

This step by step simple natural makeup application is perfect for those who prefer a liquid foundation rather than wearing mineral powder naturally. And it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1 – Choose your mineral makeup colour

Choose from our six mineral makeup colours (remember you can mix these colours easily to get a perfect match) and sprinkle into your palm. The more powder you use, the more coverage you will get.

Choose from:

Mocha: Suited to darker complexions
Olive: Suited to olive skin tones
Medium: Suited to most skin tones, gives a warm and healthy glow
In-between: Suited to complexions in-between Fair and Medium
Fair: Suited for light complexions
Fairer Than Fair: Suited for those with pale or porcelain complexions

Step 2 – Choose your skincare care to mix with

Choose from our three skincare bases to get the finish you desire. Add one or two pumps to your palm with the mineral powder. 

Choose from:

evohe colours skincare base mix method

  • Omega 3.6.9 – Gives skin a natural, dewy/glowy finish. Great for those with aging skin or dry skin to provide nourishment all day long. 
  • Moisture Lite – Gives a matte finish for all skin types.
  • Repair Intensive – Gives a matte finish great for sensitive and acne prone skin types. We recommend Repair Intensive as this product contains potent, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory naturopathic grade herbs which heal and nourish the skin while you wear makeup.

Step 3 – Mix together!

Once you’ve got both the mineral powder and skincare in your palm, it’s time to mix them together. Apply with your fingertips evenly all over your face like you would a moisturiser.

evohe colours mineral powder natural makeup step system revolution

Finish your look and add some natural glam

Blush & Bronze

Finishing with blush and bronze can give your skin more of a healthy glow. Our mineral blush powder gives soft, rosy highlights for all skin tones. Apply to the apples of your cheeks using a brush (we recommend the EcoTools Kabuki Brush) and brush it up the cheekbone – just smile and see where these are! Our mineral bronze powder gives your skin earthy, sun-kissed highlights. Apply on the areas of the skin that naturally hit the light (e.g. forehead, nose and brow bone) and use as a contour under cheekbones for a little definition. 


For a concealer type coverage, we recommend using the 3 step method above and mixing more powder to your skincare base. To avoid a thick, heavy makeup feeling, we recommend applying makeup regularly over the face and then mixing a thicker concealer consistency to cover up areas that need for coverage. We’ve seen great results in covering tattoos, birthmarks, scars and acne with this method!

Lip Tint

As we mentioned above, mineral powders are versatile! Try mixing your mineral blush with the Omega 3.6.9 and add to lips for a super hydrating tinted lip moisturiser. 

Body Bronze

For a little extra sun-kissed glow, try dusting some mineral bronze on your décolletage. For an all-over glow try mixing the bronze with some Omega Body oil and massage all over.

evohe colours mineral makeup powder natural makeup tips and tricks

Our mineral makeup tips & tricks

  • Use a hydrating mist before and after application for extra hydration and better blending. We recommend the EVOHE Mist.
  • Start with a damp face before applying makeup for a smoother application
  • Add a mask into your skincare routine at least 1-3 times per week for a smooth base
  • When applying powder with a brush, always tap it on the rim of the container to remove excess powder. Try to avoid blowing on the brush as this can introduce additional bacteria onto your skin
  • To avoid a dirty or caked on look, apply powder in the direction of hair growth
  • Before applying any eyeshadow, apply powder to lids to conceal any pink tones and provide an even coloured base for application
  • Dust a small amount of mineral makeup on the lower lash line to stop mascara smudging below
  • For a natural lip liner, apply mineral makeup to your lips and then use a damp cotton bud to remove from your lips, leaving a natural outline!

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