EVOHE Colours Revolution

EVOHE Colours Mineral Make Up Containers

EVOHE Colours Mineral Makeup

Makeup that feels like skincare

Natural glowing protection, coverage and hydration!
The revolution that fits in the palm of your hand!

• 100% Pure Minerals
• No filters, bismuth or binders
• Vegan, Natural & Cruelty Free
• 100% Palm Oil Free
• Suitable for all skin types – even sensitive and acne prone

All Mineral Powders are the same right?….WRONG!

Not all mineral powders are made equal! Even powders that call themselves ‘natural’ and ‘mineral’ still have ingredients that can irritate and congest your skin.

Next time you’re looking at mineral powders look out for nano, talc, filters, bismuth, preservatives and binders – these are the ingredients that you DON’T want on your skin.

If you’re going to go natural, why not make sure you’re going TRULY natural? Your skin will thank you for it!

EASY 3 STEP Application

Step 1 / Choose your colour and sprinkle into palm (more powder = more coverage)
Step 2 / Choose your skincare base and add 1-2 pumps to palm
Step 3 / Blend the powder and skincare base together. Apply evenly onto skin.

Finish with Blush/Bronze or use dry powder for extra concealing and finishing.

Choose Your Colour:

Choose from:

Fairer Than Fair Best suited for pale or porcelain complexions
Fair  Best suited for light complexions
In Between Suits complexions in-between Fair & Medium
Medium Suits most skin tones, giving a warm & healthy glow
Olive Suited to olive skin tones
Mocha Suited to darker complexions

Choose Your Base:

Omega 3.6.9 For a natural dewy/glowing finish. Great for those with aging skin or dry skin.
Moisture Lite For a matte finish.
Repair Intensive For a matte finish for sensitive/acne prone skin.

Repair Intensive is great for those with acne prone skin as it sits nicely around the area of a breakout, rather than a ‘cakey’ look. This product contains potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory naturopathic grade herbs which heal and nourish the skin – this is why its so great for sensitive and acne prone skin. Changing to a more natural makeup system is always going to assist with acne prone skin, re congesting the skin everyday with makeup can cause more issues for skin. Mixing the Repair Intensive and EVOHE Colours ensure a 100% natural system for the skin, healing while wearing!

Blush & Bronze:

Blush Soft, rosy highlights
Apply to the apples of your cheeks – just smile and see where these are!
Mix with Omega 3.6.9 for a tinted and super hydrating lip moisturiser.

Bronze Earthy, sun-kissed highlights
Apply on the areas of skin that naturally hit the light such as the forehead, nose and brow bone. Use under cheekbones as a contour. Also looks great dusted on decolletage. Try blending some Bronze with Omega Body and massage over body for a golden sun-kissed glow.


For a concealer type coverage, mix in more powder to your skincare base. When applying makeup all over face, instead of applying a thick layer of foundation to cover any imperfections, use normally all over face and then mix a thicker concealer consistency (with more powder) and go back over areas that need more coverage. This can even be created thick enough to cover tattoos, birthmarks and scars!

Hints & Tips:

• Use EVOHE Mist before and/or after application for extra hydration & blending
• Start with a damp face (spritz a bit of Mist!) for smoother application
• Use EVOHE Silica Mask 1-3 times per week for a smooth base
• When using dry always tap the brush to remove the excess powder (don’t blow on the brush…this can introduce bacteria onto your skin)
• Apply powder in the direction of hair growth to avoid a ‘dirty look’
• Apply powder to lids to conceal any pink tones & as an even base for eyeshadow
• Dust a small amount of mineral makeup on the lower lash line to stop mascara smudging below
• For a natural lip liner, apply mineral makeup to your lips and then with a damp cotton bud, remove from your lips

Start your EVOHE Colours revolution with the Makeup & Skincare Trial Pack which contains Omega 3.6.9, Moisture Lite, Repair Intensive and TWO EVOHE Colours. Valued at over $70, with 3-4 weeks of product so you and EVOHE can have some quality time together!

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