EVOHE Hair Care

For hair, there are a few products we recommend using. Here are some ways you can use EVOHE products to maintain your tresses.

Leave in treatment

For a nourishing leave in hair treatment, mix Omega Body and Body Mist, then apply to wet hair. This will tame frizzy hair and nourish dry ends. Be careful not to use too much Omega Body and only apply to the ends of the hair to avoid greasy roots.

Treating flaky, dry scalp conditions

Apply 4-6 pumps of Omega Body through your hair, especially focusing on the ends. The protein in the oil will restore and revitalise stressed ends. Wrap your hair in a hot towel, leave for 20 minutes and then wash hair.

Fly aways

Spray a bit of Mist into your palm and sweep your hands on your hair to smooth any frizzy bits or fly aways!

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