EVOHE Value Packs

Spotless Pack

EVOHE Spotless Pack

Struggling with spotty skin, acne or break outs? The Spotless Pack contains all the essentials for clean and clear skin which is perfect for teenagers and adults alike. We often place harsh chemicals on our skin to try and heal acne and spots, but often the answer is a more natural alternative that truly ‘heals’ your skin.

The Spotless Pack Contains: 60ml Foam Wash100ml Silica Mask100ml Repair Intensive – Bonus: Clear Skin Booklet, Bamboo Face Cloth, 10ml Omega 3.6.9, 15ml Mist

The Foam Wash clears congestion without stripping the skin of its natural oils, leaving skin nourished. The Silica Mask is great for healing scars and uneven skin tone and it can also be used as an overnight spot treatment. The Repair Intensive is an anti-bacterial moisturiser that works to heal acne and restore your skin. The Bamboo Face Cloth provides gentle exfoliation perfect for acne prone and sensitive skin. The Omega 3.6.9 hydrates your skin by feeding it the compatible oils it needs. The Mist is a calming spray for skin that can be used anytime, anywhere.

Mums and Bubs Pack

EVOHE Mums and Bubs Pack

Are you a new Mum yourself? Or know someone who is going to be? Then this is the perfect pack! It contains all the products to care for mumma and provides a stress free introduction to baby skin care. Grab this for your next Baby Shower or for that mumma that you know needs a little extra pampering.

The Mums and Bubs Pack Contains: 60ml Foam Wash100ml Repair Intensive30ml Omega 3.6.9 – Bonus: Mums & Bubs Booklet, 30ml Baby Butter, 15ml Mist, 15ml Omega BodyBamboo Face Cloth

The Foam Wash is baby friendly and great for cradle cap or just giving bub a bath. The Repair Intensive will be your lifesaver, it is great for any irritations such as nappy rash, and also great for helping with stretch marks. The Omega 3.6.9 is a nourishing treatment for you and bub. The Baby Butter is something that you will use for everything – think cradle cap, nappy rash, sore nipples and dry skin. The Mist will be a calming addition for you and bub. The Omega Body will be your favourite tool for reducing any stretch marks and giving your baby (or yourself) a nice massage. The Bamboo Face Cloth will be your portable clean up tool.

Travel Kit

EVOHE Travel Kit, overseas

Travelling the world? Or maybe just heading away for the weekend? This pack has enough product to last up to a month and it comes in a handy travel bag. Plus it can be taken on the plane to refresh and hydrate your skin, ensuring you arrive at your destination glowing rather than dry and dehydrated!

The Travel Kit Contains: 15ml Cleanse15ml Mist, 15ml Moisture Lite10ml Omega 3.6.9, 15ml Repair Intensive, EVOHE Colours Mineral Powder60ml Foam Wash, 30ml Silica MaskBamboo Face Cloth

The Cleanse provides nourishment to your skin and will remove any dirt, congestion and make up effectively. The Mist will be amazing on the plane to hydrate your skin and in any hot, sweaty temperatures for a quick refresh. The Moisture Lite provides simple daily hydration with the potent powers of Hyaluronic Acid and Lactic Acid. The Omega 3.6.9 supports your skin with lots of hydration, it is definitely a product you will want on the plane! The Repair Intensive will cover you for any bites, scratches, irritations or dry skin you may experience while away. The EVOHE Colours gives you a nice, natural and easy coverage. The Foam Wash not only will keep your face clean, but using it as a water less hand wash will also keep your hands clean. The Silica Mask provides your piece of nourishment any where in the world and the Bamboo Face Cloth is a handy tool to have on hand while travelling.

Trial Pack

Trial Pack Box

Just wanting a simple introduction to EVOHE products? Grab the Trial Pack for up to a week of natural skin care goodness. Then pick your faves and grab the full versions for some more skin lovin’.

The Trial Pack Contains: 5ml Cleanse5ml Mist5ml Moisture Lite5ml Omega 3.6.95ml Repair IntensiveEVOHE Colours Mineral Powder

The Cleanse is your everyday cleanser to remove dirt, congestion and makeup from the day. The Mist can be used as a toner or just as a refreshing spray during the day. The Moisture Lite is your daily light moisturiser. The Omega 3.6.9 is a highly hydrating oil for your face. The Repair Intensive is your everything cream – moisturiser for breakout prone skin, bites, scratches, dry skin etc. The EVOHE Colours when mixed with the Omega 3.6.9, Moisture Lite or Repair Intensive create a natural and fresh foundation made in the palm of your hands.

Face Essentials

EVOHE Face Essentials MINIs, Face Skin Care Essentials

Give your face the essential love that it needs everyday with these four much-loved EVOHE products! Grab these if you’re wanting a more substantial trial pack or if you’re going away for a weekend. They are also the perfect size to just chuck in your handbag for self nurturing all day!

The Face Essentials Contains: 15ml Cleanse15ml Mist15ml Moisture Lite10ml Omega 3.6.9

The Cleanse is your everyday cleanser to remove dirt, congestion and makeup from the day. The Mist can be used as a toner or just as a refreshing spray during the day. The Moisture Lite is your daily light moisturiser. The Omega 3.6.9 is a highly hydrating oil for your face.

Body Essentials

EVOHE Body Essentials MINIs, Body Skin Care Essentials

Don’t forget your body! Give your body some essential love with four of our body products sure to leave you exfoliated and hydrated.

The Body Essentials Contains: 15ml Omega Body, 15ml Repair Intensive, 15ml Body Mist, 30g Espresso Scrub Bar

The Omega Body is a super nourishing body oil that is perfect for keeping your legs silky smooth. The Repair Intensive is your everything cream – moisturiser for breakout prone skin, bites, scratches, dry skin etc. The Body Mist is a convenient spray moisturiser that provides quick nourishment. The Espresso Scrub Bar is like a mini massage for your skin, it provides exfoliation all over.

Summer Sunkissed TLC Kit

EVOHE natural Skin Care - summer sunkissed pack

This pack is an absolute Summer essential!

The Summer Sun kissed TLC Kit Contains:  30ml Repair Intensive15ml Omega Body15ml Body Mist

The Repair Intensive will be amazing for sunburn, peeling skin or any other skin issues such as bites and scratches. The Omega Body provides your skin with the nourishment it needs in the harsh Summer climate. The Body Mist is also great for easing the pain of sunburn, especially as it can be sprayed on without having to be rubbed in!

I See the Beauty In You Set

EVOHE natural Skin Care I See the Beauty in You pack

Reveal your true beauty with this nurturing face pack.

The I See The Beauty in You Set Contains: 30ml Mist15ml Cleanse15ml Moisture Lite

The Mist freshens you up all day long and leaves your skin glowing. The Cleanse ensures that your skin is prepared for the day ahead and provides great makeup removal at the end of the day. The Moisture Lite will give you light moisture while evening out your skin tone.

Pamper Pack

EVOHE Pamper Pack

Grab the girls and get together for a pampering night in! Movies, masks and more…when’s your next pamper night?

The Pamper Pack Contains: 30ml Silica Mask, 30g Espresso Scrub Bar, 15ml Harmonie Oil, 30ml Omega 3.6.9, 15ml Omega Body and a FREE GIFT.

The Silica Mask provides a deep nourishing treatment for your face, leaving your skin glowing and renewed. The Espresso Scrub Bar feels like a mini massage and works to stimulate your skin for a smooth body. The Harmonie Oil is relaxing in a diffuser, oil burner or bath or just dab on your wrist for a little scent. Use the Omega 3.6.9 after the Silica Mask to lock in the nourishment. Then use the Omega Body after using the Espresso Scrub Bar to hydrate your body.

Treat Yourself Set

Treat Yourself Pack

Busy lives often don’t leave a lot of time for yourself, but here’s your invitation to Treat Yourself!

The Treat Yourself Set Contains: 100ml Silica Mask, 100ml Repair Intensive, 15ml Harmonie Oil, 15ml Body Mist

The Silica Mask renews your skin and gives you the opportunity for some ‘me time’. The Repair Intensive nourishes your skin all over, providing relief for dry skin and other irritations. The Harmonie Oil relaxes and provides harmony when used in an oil burner, diffuser or in a hot bath. The Body Mist is a quick pick me up that you can use to treat yourself every day.

Daily Love Set

EVOHE Daily Love Set

Make sure you give yourself your daily love…because you’re worth it!

The Daily Love Set Contains: 30ml Cleanse, 30ml Mist, 30ml Moisture Lite, 30ml Omega 3.6.9, Bamboo Face Cloth, EVOHE Colours Bronze, EVOHE Colours

The Cleanse is your daily cleanser which leaves your skin hydrated and clean. The Mist will be your daily companion, keeping you fresh during the day. Use the Moisture Lite as your daily moisturiser and make sure to take your time massaging it in for some daily love. The Omega 3.6.9 gives you daily nourishment hydration with a luxurious feel. The Bamboo Face Cloth leaves you feeling fresh and exfoliated. Use the EVOHE Bronze to give yourself a sun kissed glow and your EVOHE Colours for a natural look.

elluminate Starter Pack

elluminate Refining Starter Pack

Reveal your skins inner potential and elluminate your skin! The elluminate range is targeted at pro-ageing but is nourishing for everyone.

The elluminate Starter Pack Contains: Refining Night Cream 30mlRefining Toner 30mlRefining Face & Eye Serum 15ml

The Night Cream works overnight to reveal renewed and more plump skin, while deeply hydrating your skin. The Toner removes any dry, dull or dehydrated skin layers to allow your moisturiser to fully absorb into your skin and evening out your complexion. The Face & Eye Serum targets fine lines and wrinkles as well as being effective on under eye circles and perfect for the delicate skin around your eyes.

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