EVOHE Treatment

Treatment Pack Natural Skin Care Products

We all need some time to ourselves, so grab these EVOHE products and treat yourself…you deserve it!

Silica Mask

Silica Mask 100ml

The Silica Mask is truly magical, like a gift sent from heaven. It is the ultimate way to treat yourself, everyday!

It helps to reduce redness, inflammation, breakouts, acne scarring and evens out skin tone. You can use it as a mask, an overnight spot treatment or even as a deep skin treatment by applying Omega 3.6.9 and leaving it overnight. Our mask uses white clay which is the most gentle for your skin, but also the most effective.

You can take your time, pop on some relaxing music, cucumbers on eyes – the whole routine, or you can quickly pop it on while you’re doing the laundry or brushing your teeth.

elluminate Face & Eye Serum

elluminate Face & Eye Serum 30ml

Even though the elluminate range is targeted at anti-ageing, this really is a treatment product for everyone.

Do you have dark circles, uneven skin tone, tired eyes, dull skin or fine lines/wrinkles around your eyes? This is for you!

Add this to your nightly routine now for luscious and plump skin by the morning.

Face & Body Exfoliant

Face and Body Exfoliant 190ml

Treat yourself to an exfoliating massage…before you step in the shower. Using this product on dry skin will actually give you the best results, but don’t take our word for it…try it yourself!

The idea of exfoliation may seem exhausting in our already packed daily schedules, but what if we told you that this can help with stretch marks, cellulite and ingrown hairs? Just by giving yourself a delicious exfoliating massage a few times a week? Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us!

Plus it can be used on your face too, how’s that for multi-tasking. Now you’ve probably heard about some scrubs ‘tearing’ the skin…but don’t stress with our Face & Body Exfoliant. We use 100% natural ingredients (definitely no micro beads here!) that are gentle on your skin, but also super effective.

Baby Butter

Baby Butter 100ml

The Baby Butter, despite its name, is not just for babies! It contains well-loved ingredients such as Paw Paw, Chamomile and Calendula which creates a natural barrier cream…for everyone. Use this on cracked or irritated heels and elbows or if you’re a Mum with a Bub it can be used for so much – think nappy rash, cradle cap, for sore nipples, dry skin patches or as baby belly rub/massage.

It is also powerful as a general moisturiser and as an anti-inflammatory treatment for rashes, dry skin, cuts, burns, sun & windburn. PLUS thanks to the all-natural ingredients and gentle formulation, it won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin!

Harmonie Essential Oil

Harmonie Oil 15ml

So much in one small bottle! Exotic resins and absolutes, crafted by a master perfumer! This product is designed for relaxing, in fact essential oils impact a busy mind. They work to calm thoughts, anxiety and worry – allowing a person to relax into a peaceful state, let go of their own mind and slip into true relaxation.

Use this in a hot bath, mix with your massage oil or add to your oil burner/diffuser. You can even use it as a perfume too!

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