Farewell Baz

Last week was big, very big for the EVOHE family as we said farewell to EVOHE Co-Founder Baz Forrester, after a long illness.

Grief is so personal and as I sit here thinking about what to write, I reflect on the poignant conversations I have had with Meg, (Baz’s soul mate and EVOHE Co-Founder), this week as she navigates the gamut of emotions brought about by the huge void opened up with his passing. Cradled firmly but ever so gently by the couple’s circle of loyal friends and family, Meg has been allowed to experience her grief without pressure to conform to conventional views of what it is to grieve ‘properly’. As a result EVOHE has been overflowing with joy and love and a great sense of peace tinged with tender sadness ….oh and food, lots of amazing food thanks to Meg and Baz’s dear friend, Chef Cynthia Louise!

Never one to succumb to conventionality himself, Baz was an extraordinary organic chef, a passionate individual, a quantum thinker and an inspirational mentor who leaves a huge legacy for us to remember him by. EVOHE is arguably one of his greatest gifts to the world and this week we realised what we had always suspected, that EVOHE is not just an ethical skincare company, it is much, much more. EVOHE will always represent a Celebration of Life and the love that we give to ourselves

Baz never stood on pomp and ceremony, so it seemed fitting that instead of mourning his loss we should celebrate his life, and last Sunday, celebrate is what we did. Baz’s influence has clearly extended far beyond his departure from this world as he very generously organised a stunningly beautiful Winter’s day for the scores of friends and family who celebrated a short life very well lived. We hope these photos reflect the love and peace we shared.

RIP Bazza, we love you!


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20140622-June-Baz- Celebration of Life -_54A8343

20140622-June-Baz- Celebration of Life -_54A8396-2

20140622-June-Baz- Celebration of Life -_54A8431

8 thoughts on “Farewell Baz

  1. Judy Nicol says:

    Dear Meg,

    Please accept the sympathy from all of the Biobalance crew – you all put up a great fight but it was obviously not to be.
    My thoughts and prayers will be with you as you comes to terms with your great loss. Much love Judy Nicol

  2. Beck Camp says:

    Dear Meg and the Evohe family,

    Sending my thoughts and love to you. What beautiful photos of a special man.

    Lots of love
    Beck and all the Wray team from Palm Beach Xoxxo

  3. Leanne says:

    Hi Meg and all the team EVOHE,
    So difficult to express in words what one feels when we experience a loss of such a special person
    BAZ showed the world what to do for beauty on the outside and i believe that came because of the beauty within such a beautifull soul and his spirit will leave a place of beauty in my heart and all whom he met and close loved ones !! Meg i send you my love and bid farewell to Baz
    LOVE from Leanne and staff at Body wishez clinic

    • Sass says:

      Thank you Leanne & staff. Meg and the EVOHE team appreciate your lovely message very much. It is wonderful to know that Baz’s spirit will carry on in everyone’s memory. Sass xx

  4. Chrissy butterworth says:

    Dear Meg , I have only just joined the company but I wish to send you my sincere condolences on the loss of your wonderful Baz ! I can feel the wonderful energy and love that you have put into this amazing company and I am so sorry for your intense loss. Namaste and love , Chrissy / Kinglake crystals

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