Go Gluten Free without Becoming Nutrient Deficient

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Have you been toying with the idea of changing to a gluten free diet?

The decision to exclude gluten from you diet could be based on many underlying conditions, whether it stems from diagnosed Coeliac disease or purely to allow digestive repair based on symptoms, you need to consider some important dietary advice and possibly supplementation.

Following a gluten free diet can predispose you to a number of vitamin deficiencies, the most common of which are B vitamins as these are most abundant in our diet in grains and cereals. Redness, cracking and dryness around the mouth may indicate a B Vitamin deficiency. Coeliac disease and the effect it has on the villi and lining of the bowel will causes nutrient deficiency with the subsequent symptoms of weight loss, fatigue and rashes often being the very signs that lead you to your practitioner for diagnosis.


The inclusion of a gluten free diet often sees a shift away from all grains. Grains are an important source of B vitamins and essential fatty acids. Both are essential and require a healthy digestive system for absorption. Gluten free grains, Quinoa, Buckwheat, Millet, Amaranth and Brown Rice, which when eaten in their whole grain form supply the necessary B vitamins for our bodies production and use of energy in the body. In Coeliacs I suggest the use of a liquid B vitamin supplement in addition to consideration of sufficient grains. This ensures that absorption in maximised and provides a wide complement of B vitamins for the body. I also include the use of fish oil or a fatty acid supplement to decrease inflammation and account for those that would normally come from grains and seeds…

Redness and dryness as seen in the common symptoms of eczema, rashes and dermatitis are sometimes symptoms of a fatty acid deficiency. Good quality fats in our diets usually come from plant-based nuts, seeds and grains. Using a high strength fish oil like the Ethical Nutrients Liquid fish oil will provide high doses of essential fatty acids in a well absorbed form.

Zinc may also be important to aid with tissue healing and skin repair. I suggest the use of Zinc Fix, a high dose zinc and vitamin C powder which is easily absorbable.

by Moira Bradfield



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