Hormones are powerful!

Hormones Are Powerful

Hormones are powerful! They actually represent Life and Death. They motivate our desire to procreate for the purpose of populating the Earth and their eventual depletion from our body gradually prepares us for leaving the Earth and returning Home. In between, they can heighten the emotional reactions to life.

Even before we begin to experience their power throughout puberty, the menstrual cycle and menopause, we witness the power of the Emotional body through the cycles of the Moon. These cycles reveal emotional outbursts in children and the desire to be heard in the winter (mature) years. This may be expressed as wisdom gained throughout life or a last-ditch effort to release unexpressed emotions. All in all, the human body seems to be fuelled by emotions, which are governed by hormones. Balance is needed!

When reflecting back on my own life during these winter years, it is much easier to see that the issues highlighted throughout all of these powerful cycles were a gift to understanding the purpose of the individual’s journey on this Earth.

The monthly cycle can be powerful in illuminating the imbalance of the male and female energies within ourselves, which is then reflected in our personal relationships. The male aspect in us all is the doing (Yang energy) and the female is the receiving (Yin energy). Another way to look at it is seeing the male as the Mind (thinking, planning, taking action) and the female as the Heart (feeling, receiving, nurturing). Throughout the monthly cycle, the male and female aspect is magnified to assist in observing what is out of balance so that the Mind and Heart can find solutions and bring Life back into balance. This is often dismissed as premenstrual tension.

Men go through this emotionally too, but have been trained from a very young age to dismiss their feelings and deep inner knowing as weakness and vulnerability. As an Emotional and Spiritual Healer, I have witnessed the need for men to release these rigid beliefs and access a deeper aspect to themselves. They may not have the clarity of an obvious monthly cycle, but they too need to understand their own deep inner wiring and spiritual purpose, and women can assist them with this knowledge.

There are energetic tools such as Astrology and Numerology to explain the internal ‘electrical’ wiring of each individual. Once understood, it is much easier to identify the emotional and mental reaction to this internal wiring when the hormones increase the intensity.  

There is a purpose in women being encouraged to recognise it through their menstrual cycle…they are the nurturers (the Yin energy) and they need to teach the wisdom of nurturing by living the Truth and nurturing themselves.

The menstrual cycle highlights and illuminates the need for personal nurturing. If women can take the time to go within and allow the cycle to guide them with the support of their loved ones, they can gradually create balance and peace within themselves, which will then flow into their personal environment. By example, they are showing others how to do the same. The reward for this… menopause can be a much more graceful transition into being the Wise and Unconditionally Loving Woman the Earth needs.

As issues are expressed with clarity throughout each month, it becomes illuminating for all involved, and a loving, supportive environment can be maintained. This takes practice, and it is the path of the Teacher and Leader to live the Truth and create a foundation for others to know how to find the same within themselves. By slowing down, going within, listening to inner wisdom, letting go of reactive emotions, communicating, and then opening to receiving love and support, it is possible to create more love and peace on the Earth, beginning from within each and every human being…with women leading the way through their monthly cycle.

My own personal journey has been an incredible and valuable learning experience to this process. My experience of premenstrual tension revealed itself each month as a need to do more, have things perfect, play the role that everyone needed me to without a need to receive nurturing or live in peace and tranquility.

In hindsight, this played out in my childhood beautifully, and when I learnt more about myself through Astrology and Numerology, I saw how my cycle was actually reflecting these same issues. It soon became my best friend and teacher when I listened and trusted my inner knowing.  

I was blessed to have a taste of the result in my late forties…to have the feeling of Heaven on Earth and Mastering the Emotions. My cycle no longer held the triggers it once did. I had ticked everything I needed to address at this point of my life, according to some amazing Spiritual mentors I knew.

They explained I hadn’t quite finished off the emotional body, with emotional issues to do with victim consciousness and persecution, and as I healed this, I would see it reflected in Society. They explained it was deep cellular healing from past lives and family generational healing. Yes, that was true, there had been much domestic violence in my family history. Even though that wasn’t my personal experience, it still had definitely been one of control and a lack of nurturing.

And you guessed it, menopause was the time to reveal the emotional issues I still had left to deal with.

I could have blamed menopause for what was happening, but I understood it was magnifying the need to receive and be nurtured (my monthly cycle). I made the necessary changes in my life to meet this need, and I was soon back to living the ebb and flow of peace and loving support.

As I progressed through menopause in my early fifties, I found many ways to nurture myself and continued to enjoy the benefits of the hormones my body produced until my early sixties. Emotionally, mentally and spiritually, I felt in balance, but physically my body was now beginning to show signs of its own struggle. 

As part of my nurturing routine, I have always had a six-monthly blood test, and it was evident my oestrogen was negligible. I chose to replace my hormones under the guidance of medical and alternative professionals, and continued to have regular blood tests, which reaffirmed that my need to use these hormones was minimal to maintain the balance. This of course is an individual decision, as is any remedy to obtain homeostasis in the physical body.

My lifestyle at sixty-four continues to be a reflection of my emotional wellbeing, and a willingness to observe the cycles of the moon, meditate, communicate, and nurture my own body as I live in peace, balance and have a zest for an active life.

The Universe loves and supports us all on our life’s journey, and by working through the monthly journey of hormonal changes it becomes evident that we have the power to create Love, Peace and Balance.

Wishing you much Love, Peace and Balance Always.

By Moira Williams

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