How To Keep Your Skin In Good Health During Stressful Times

If you’ve delved into the EVOHE Skincare world, you may have heard that we’re all about self nurturing and during stressful times, this is my favourite way of coping. You may have even come across my story where I discuss how self nurturing actually saved my life!

It seems that this notion applies to us all, in our time of common humanity. Whatever self nurturing looks like to you during these tough and confusing times, then that is the way YOU do it. There is no right or wrong way, just the best way possible for YOU. I applaud all the variations of self nurturing. 

A not so secret motivator for my self nurturing was vanity (who can relate?!). Stress and lack of sleep are not kind to our skin, and can I just mention the elephant in the room – neither is Hand Sanitiser! It’s true that everything from acne to blemishes, rashes, hives and general skin irritations can be reduced or even prevented by taking care of your stress levels and in conjunction your hormonal balance and gut health. There are so many simple things you can do to support your system.

Now onto our 8 ways you can help to keep your skin in good health during stressful times:

1. Get a proper night’s sleep and avoid under-eye bags

To enhance overall skin health and avoid those dreaded under-eye bags, making sure you get a fulfilling sleep each night is the key. This includes making sure you get on the Goddess Train by 10pm each night. Making an effort to shut down screens, WiFi and anything remotely electronic-related at least an hour before bedtime. Try eating less after 7pm and instead drink herbal teas that fortify and support your nervous system – it’s a real thing! Your nervous system runs the show, so if you are constantly in fight or flight you aren’t able to recover and rejuvenate to the best of your body’s ability.

In conjunction with a good night’s sleep, our EVOHE elluminate Face & Eye Serum is full of potent Australian Natives and Hyaluronic Acid which can give you a helping hand 😉

2.  Up your water intake and get glowing

Making a conscious effect to drink the requisite amount of water your body needs each day, is the perfect formula for glowy and dewy skin (along with our Omega 3.6.9 and Omega Body of course). Adding a pinch of good salt is also a fantastic way to get an instant mineral boost and help you retain the water instead of peeing it all out. Along with good hydration, focusing on good supplementation and feeding your body consistently with essential fats is effective for stressful times. Visit your local health food store today and utilise the amazing knowledge of the naturopaths that are there to support you. 

P.s. Our EVOHE Omega 3.6.9 and EVOHE Omega Body with all their good nutrients and superfruits oils are basically like a supplement for your skin, I know they are tempting to drink, but please keep it topical 😉

3. Keep hands hydrated and avoid skin irritations

With Hand Sanitisers becoming a way of life, irritations such as eczema and excessive dryness can be side effects of the amount of alcohol being rubbed into your skin daily. When using conventional hand sanitisers it’s important to make note of those that contain ingredients such as Triclosan & Parabens, which are related to hormone disruptors that weaken the immune system. Aside from this, ensuring that you are replenishing the moisture loss from a Hand Sanitiser with an effective hand cream is crucial. 

Our EVOHE Repair Intensive will provide you with some protection during the day and won’t leave your hands with that greasy feeling, so you can get on with the rest of your day! For a deeper treatment, our EVOHE Hand Cream applied generously with cotton gloves while you sleep will do the trick of transforming your hands back to their former glory.

4. Support your gut, support your skin

An unhealthy gut not only influences your overall well being, but plays a significant role in the quality of your skin, so it’s worth paying attention to! Health Kultcha has some of my favourite products including a bowel formula and fermenting food products, which give me the extra support I need during times of stress.

5. Focus on your breathing

If someone tells me to “just take a breath” one more time, I think I might lose it! How about taking a gentle breath through your nose? This video has been a game changer for me and I would love to share it with you!

If you want to take it to the next level, our EVOHE Mist is a great stress reliever. While you’re practicing your breathing, take a deep inhalation, hold your breath, spritz Mist and then exhale as the mist particles settle softly onto your skin. 

6. Alleviate stress with music

When it comes to de-stressing, sometimes the best I can do is listen to this playlist while drinking water, washing my hair and going to bed early. Listening to the right type of music can actually have transformative effects on our minds and bodies, reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and slowing your heart rate.

7. Make your desk a sanctuary

Desk EssentialsWith many of us working at home, doing whatever you can to make your desk not only a functional area to work from, but one you enjoy spending time at, can make a stressful day a little more bearable, I know that I can’t live without my EVOHE Repair Intensive within arms reach. 

Our EVOHE sales manager Christel shares below her desk essentials for staying sane:

  • Herbal Tea – My favourite is Herbal Teas Australia ‘Fatigue Blend’ to boost concentration and improve weariness
  • EVOHE Hand Cream – I like to apply and then bring to my nose and inhale, the Rose is known to reduce anxiety and boost confidence 
  • Peppermint Oil – I use this for headache pain relief after staring at a screen all day, my personal favourite is from Thursday Plantation 
  • Citrine Crystal – This is great for manifesting abundance and prosperity, I also use this as a ‘fidget’ aid during Zoom meetings and when getting creative 🙂
  • Plants – Plants are known to reduce stress, increase productivity and clean the air

You can check out some more EVOHE Desk Inspiration here

8. Keep stress spots in check

When we get stressed, naturally our skin tends to breakout. My favourite go-to is using the EVOHE Silica Mask as a self nurturing spot treatment to reduce inflammation and redness, you can even try putting our antibacterial EVOHE Repair Intensive underneath for bonus healing properties. And now that we are spending more time at home, you can even leave it on all day 🙂

I hope this helps you in keeping your skin in good health during stressful times. And I thank you all again for your constant support; we see your likes and comments on Facebook and Instagram, your emails of encouragement and your online and in-store purchases. You as an individual are appreciated more than you may know! You can see some of my other self care resources here and if you feel like getting personal, my self nurture group is full of realness and rawness. Sending you lots of love, happiness and wellbeing.

Meghan Kurts (EVOHE CEO & Founder)

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