It’s A Vulva – By Daisy Kaye

Its A Vulva Daisy Kaye

How is she there, the one between your legs? 

Is she happy, tired, shy, rambunctious, sweet, kind, patient, prudish, starving, ravenous, lonely, longing, full, complete, numb, fun, playful, forgotten, obsessed over-sold, wild and free, bushy or preened, well-kept, or something in-between?

Take ten minutes or so to write or to contemplate ‘who is this one?’. Unique to you. Your vagina. What is your relationship with her like?

If kind eyes looked inward, what would she look like? What colours would swirl or stand still? If you could touch her, how would it feel and what about her scent and taste? Take a moment to close your eyes, flare your nostrils, breathe, lick your lips…what is she like? 

If she had a sound, what would she sound like? 

A roar, a waterfall or squeak like a kitten, or something completely different? 

If she had a voice what would she say? 

Be quiet now, listen attentively, give her time to speak, she may start in whispers.

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