Lets Talk About Yoni Steaming!

It’s been a practice for centuries and thankfully it’s making a comeback!

I’m hearing and seeing videos buzzing around the internet with beautiful women sharing their tips and wisdom on the Yoni Steam and all its benefits.

Here is my experience in dot points

  • In a small saucepan bring pure, quality water (not tap water) to the boil
  • Take it off the heat and add your herbal mixture

I like to raid my herbal tea cupboard, but you can also get technical and use certain herbs for their properties:

Relax – Lavender & Chamomile

Release Old Energy/Past Relationships – Rosemary

Fertility – Red Clover

Juiciness – Almond Milk, Pure Honey, Cannabis Oil, Rose Petals & Mugwort!

NB: Only use organic herbs…I’m sure you can understand why!

Steaming is not for:

  • Women who are bleeding
  • Women who are pregnant
  • Women who are using an IUD Contraception

Best time to steam:

  • Pre-period
  • Straight after you bleed
  • Before or after sex

Be mindful not to over-steam. Once or twice a month is plenty!

If you suffer with irregular periods, cramping etc. call in support from your health practitioner to give you insights and wisdom on the best ways to care for yourself.

Yoni means sacred space. So before you do a steam – set the scene. Get in the zone.

Think music, incense/smudging the space. Make it a private, honouring ritual and you will feel the benefits.

While steaming:

  • Journal
  • Meditate
  • Listen to Music

Technique options:

  1. Squat over a bowl or do childs pose (this is my favourite)
  2. Sit in a chair over your bowl that has had the seat removed or a hole cut out (easy to do with a canvas chair)
  3. Put your bowl inside the toilet bowl and sit comfortably over it.

NB: Go slowly so you can allow yourself to feel for the heat of the steam

After 10-15 minutes of steaming, finish by wrapping a sarong/towel around yourself (or try a skirt) to maximise the warmth.

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