Make Up Tips by Amanda

Amanda is a fantastic Makeup artist who has worked with Major brands throughout the world. She has some great tips for applying mineral makeup and making it last the day.



  • To help your eye make-up last all day, avoid applying any cream/oil on the  eyelid.  If you are NOT wearing eye shadow then just apply a small amount of mineral make-up (dry) to your lids to conceal any pink tones, as this will give the eye a fresher and brighter look. You can also dust a small amount of mineral make-up through the lower lash line to stop mascara smudging below.
  • If you are wearing any eyeliner, it must always be only on the upper lid or on the upper lid and the lower lash line – you should not apply eyeliner only to the lower lash line, as this brings the eyes down; eye liner should give an opening and lifting effect. Wearing eye-liner inside your eye, on the lower ledge is not recommended, unless you’re trying to create a heavy/smoky look.
  • If you have fair lashes then apply mascara in a zigzag motion to reach the roots.


  • For a natural lip liner, include your lips in your mineral make-up application wet and dry, then with a damp cotton bud/Q-tip, remove the make-up from your lips leaving a clean line around your lips and then apply your favourite lip balm. It will look like your lips have been defined with a pencil but still look and feel completely natural!
  • For a touch of colour or stained look to last the day, apply your reddest of red lipsticks that might be lurking at the bottom of your make-up bag, then remove as much as possible with dry tissue/cotton wool, and start your normal mineral make-up application, and follow the natural lip liner advice


  • When applying powder to your cheeks, always use soft downwards strokes following the direction of hair growth – never rub back and forth, or you will end up with a dirty look.


  • When using dry powders (with brushes) always work the product into the lid or in the palm of your hand, and then tap the brush on the back of your hand to remove any excess powder that can cause you to apply too much or look too heavy.
  • Never blow on your brushes as this increases bacteria, and makes your make-up look blotchy.
Amanda Wren is a professional makeup artist whose career began in Bond Street London.  She has worked extensively with EVOHE Skin Care products and is passionate about the EVOHE Colours Mineral Powder range.

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