Mums & Bubs Value Pack

EVOHE Mums and Bubs Value Pack

Having a new addition to the family often means getting to know the ins and outs of baby products. Reading labels and making sure there are no ‘hidden nasties’ is a time consuming task and quite often we have found toxic preservatives in products specific to babies. In this pack, EVOHE provides a range of products that you can use yourself and on your baby. These products are multipurpose and replace a myriad of products in your bathroom cabinet. EVOHE is gentle enough for use on your newest addition and effective enough to use on the rest of the family.


This pack includes:

Foam Wash – 60ml

All natural, multipurpose Foam Wash is uniquely formulated for all skin types and gentle enough to use all over. Skin regeneration, protein rich Amaranth extract and nourishing Omega oils combine in this effective, gentle, moisturising foam that enriches as you cleanse. Won’t strip the skin’s natural oils.

Foam Wash 60ml


Omega 3.6.9 – 30ml

EVOHE all natural Signature Blend is a delicately balanced formulation that is compatible with the skin’s natural sebum. By feeding the skin with omega rich oils, a balance can be experienced.The Omega 3.6.9 is brilliant for all seasons and light enough to use throughout summer.Great for treating dry, cracked or flaky skin.

Omega 369 30ml

Repair Intensive – 100ml

Great for nappy rash, skin irritations, face moisturiser for mum.An effective multi-purpose ointment and healing balm for treating eczema, cuts, burns, rashes, bites, wounds, sunburn and acne. With ingredients are known for their powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.

Repair Intensive 100ml

Baby Butter – 30ml

Smooth onto bubba’s skin after bath and between nappy changes. Nurturing for mama’s hands and as a nipple treatment while breast feeding. Antibacterial relief for any skin irritations for the whole family and can be used as a general moisturiser, to soothe dry skin on heels and elbows or to alleviate irritation due to chaffing.


Bonus! Omega Body 5ml

100% moisture and natural goodness! Let your skin soak in this beautiful, nourishing oil blend – leaving skin feeling super soft, hydrated and smelling beautiful. Omega Body is ideal for preventing stretch marks and relieving the itch (avoid strong massage in the first trimester). This luxurious oil blend is also perfect for a calming baby massage for bubbas 6+ months. Lovely to use as a bath oil also.

Bonus! Mist 5ml

Gentle calming mist for teething or emotional babies

Bonus! “Simple Care for Mums & Bubs” info booklet, written by Moira Bradfield

Includes: Helpful skincare tips for pregnancy, mum and baby as well as the whole family, product multiple applications, choosing skincare for a newborn baby, washes/shampoos, bottom balms and skin repair, misting products and moisturisers & hydration.


What our customers say…

“Hey Evohe, I thought I would share with you my little Evohe success story… last week I was forced to buy conventional supermarket branded nappies because my usual natural ones were out of stock and I was down to my last one and DESPERATE! 🙁 I immediately noticed an awful chemical smell, which just got worse the longer she wore them…but I regrettably persevered coz hey, I had paid for them! well my little cherub developed a very red bottom- she has never had nappy rashes before this. Thank goodness I had my ‘Mums & Bubs’ Evohe pack on hand. I’m using the repair intensive and it is already so much better! Thank you for providing honest, reliable, truly natural products that are safe for our loved ones and effective! No more unnatural nappies for me! 🙂 ♥” – Kira Westwick, QLD

“This pack goes everywhere with me! I have two little boys who consistently have dirty hands, cuts & scratches. I use the Foam Wash for their hands and the Repair Intensive goes on everything else! The Mist has been fabulous for when they are irritable and I’m driving in the car.” – Sarah Shaw, QLD


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