Nurture Through The Cycles

Learn about your cycle & how to nurture yourself in the process! You can follow the moon with this too, so even if you have finished your bleeding and have gone through menopause you still have a rhythmic and lunar cyclic nature.

Firstly we pair up the monthly lunar cycle with women and their 28 day menstrual cycle. Then we break it up into 4 weeks in the month. Each week representing a season – Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn.

Think about yourself and how you fluctuate over the monthly cycle…

A womans cycle is approximately 28 days…so it’s not just the few days we’re bleeding. It is all of that and the rest! It’s super helpful to know a womans mental state, sex drive and ability to communicate is biologically affected by her moon/menstrual cycle.

The good news is there is a formula for working with hormonal/moon cycles rather than being overwhelmed/confused by them.

Of course nurturing yourself is SO important…and this is where EVOHE comes in.

Winter (Wise Woman)

In WINTER I’m feeling IT (physically & intuitively)

This is when we are bleeding and feeling our most vulnerable. We would most likely rather stay at home cosy in bed.

Practical Tips for our Wise Women

  • Unplug and take a rest!
  • Step back from social conversations, avoid big decisions
  • Look after yourself with a womens herbal blend
  • Listen to a nourishing audiobook
  • Aim to take a whole day off while you bleed
  • Say no to things that can wait until Spring/Summer
  • Try and meditate
  • Take a long shower & soak in magnesium oil
  • Wear extra comfy clothes
  • Eat nutrient rich yummy ‘comfort’ food

EVOHE Tips for our Wise Women

Repair Intensive
As the name suggests, Repair Intensive is like having a best friend on your bedside table or in your handbag. Just stopping & slowing down for a couple of minutes to consciously connect, breathe and massage your hands can make all the difference!

Omega Body
Take a long, warm shower and massage the womb, breasts and lower back with this lush oil! Be a little decadent and allow the water to run over your body as you massage the oil into your skin.

elluminate Night Cream
I’ll be honest. Sometimes during my Winter/bleeding phase I look at myself in the mirror and I see myself as the elder or to put it bluntly – the crone or hag. This is a time where your skin needs all the help it can get.

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Spring (Maiden)

In SPRING I’m thinking IT (curious, exploration and planning)

We are peeking out from under the covers and getting involved with life again.

Practical Tips for our Maiden

  • Do an at home facial (the Silica Mask is awesome for this!)
  • Get a massage, something different like Lomi or Kahuna
  • Get colourful with drawing and painting
  • Make a plan, write a list and do a mind map
  • Get up earlier!
  • Look after my nails and hair
  • Do a mini cleanse/detox
  • Find ways to reduce pressure for the next Autumn/Winter
  • Blow bubbles in the garden
  • & remember that you are ENOUGH – more than enough!

EVOHE Tips for our Maiden

Espresso Scrub Bar
It’s time to prepare your body for the sunlight!  Scrub away dead skin cells and nourish as you go with the Espresso Scrub Bar. Your skin will feel silky and smooth from the mango and cacao butters as you emerge out of the shower like a Spring Goddess!

Body Mist
Be playful and creative with this all over Body Lotion – spritz it in your hair and leave in as a hair treatment or simply spray it all over as a light weight lush moisturiser to give your skin a spring glow.

Silica Mask
Buff away layers with the Silica Mask as you uncover your authentic self and initiate with life. Your skin will feel clear and turned on! This is how we say YES to new life.

Moisture Lite
Investing in authenticity you can venture out and explore the world knowing that your skin is hydrated and nurtured from the elements. Keeping you in your Spring bubble. Stepping lightly with a natural curiosity.

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Summer (Mother)

In SUMMER I’m doing IT (taking action, embracing life with open arms)

Biologically our happy hormones are peaking mid way through at the time of ovulation – we are our most fertile and as with nature we are ‘out and about’.

Practical Tips for our Mother

  • Have a big conversation that requires a lot of compassion
  • Dance under the full moon!
  • Dress up and be a bit bolder than usual
  • Do something spontaneous
  • Meet new people
  • Get creative (and a bit naughty) with food
  • Have an adventure
  • Show up in all your GLORY!

EVOHE Tips for our Mother

Omega 3.6.9
Time to get your glow on, be juicy and be seen! You are a magnetic force in this phase and it’s time to optimise. The Omega 3.6.9 mixed with EVOHE Colours will support you to feel & look your best as you BE your best.

EVOHE Colours Mineral Powder & Mineral Bronze
These beautiful powders enhance and bring out your EVOHE glow whilst letting you still be the real you! Sun protection and coverage at it’s best (without congesting your skin – you can even go to bed without washing your “makeup” off!).

While you’re out in the world being fabulous you may just need to integrate it all with a spritzing of Mist. You see the beauty in yourself and you hold space for others to see the beauty in themselves. By living it you are naturally giving others permission.

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Autumn (Medicine Woman)

In AUTUMN I’m being IT (review & assess, no filters)

This is where our hormones are dropping to their lowest up to the time of bleeding. This is usually the time when you see women (to be honest) at their worst. They can be intolerant and quick to temper. To the point of such rage that it causes great pain for those around her and seriously burns bridges. It can also be a very confusing time because just 1 week ago she was ovulating and ‘on top of the world’. We may be quick to think that because of these ‘mood swings’ there must be something seriously wrong with us and given negative input by family, friends and society we might even believe that and go further into thinking we have  a mental condition (which is often not the case) – if anything we are just hormonally depleted. That’s all.

Practical Tips for our Medicine Woman

  • Problem solve on paper
  • Do a creative review of your life
  • Book a self development session/mentoring for this week
  • Get out in nature
  • Prepare the house for Winter – tidy, declutter & cook
  • Focus on your breath
  • Allow yourself to change gear and slow down

EVOHE Tips for our Medicine Woman

Foam Wash
It’s time to cleanse. Let go of what was and what didn’t become. Rinse and cleanse again.

Double cleansing is a powerful ritual for your skin and essential if you are out in the world everyday, in different environments and around different people.

Harmonie Oil
A coalesce of intricate scents from magical and medicinal plants – this blend helps you to step into your medicine woman and be the cauldron of creation and the master of yourself. It’s also just a great way to ‘interrupt the pattern’ if you are having a “cray cray moment.”

elluminate Toner
Our emotional skin can get thin during this time so I invite you to take the opportunity to go deep. Organic fermented lactic acid is a great alliance to have in your tool kit and helps let go of epidermis you no longer need!

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Now that you’ve learnt about the seasons of our cycle – Winter, Spring, Summer & Autumn it’s time to follow your own personal cycle closely and carve out a self care practice which you really honour. We’ve always celebrated life & self nurture so it makes sense that we support you through the flow of the seasons with some self nurturing help.

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