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Is EVOHE Australian Made & Owned?


EVOHE skincare products

How are EVOHE products preserved?



EVOHE skincare range

Are EVOHE products safe for babies and people with sensitive skin?


How should EVOHE products be stored?


What is the EVOHE No Rules Policy?


Is EVOHE is 100% Palm Oil Free?


Are EVOHE products suitable for Vegans?


Who does EVOHE test their products on?


Meghan Kurts Forrester and EVOHE

How long after opening should EVOHE products be used?


EVOHE Silica Mask

What can the Silica Mask be used for? (Select all that apply)


EVOHE Silica Mask

What is one of the most effective ways to remove the mask?


EVOHE Omega 3.6.9

What are some multiple applications of the Omega 3.6.9? (Select all that apply)


EVOHE Cleanse

What are two interesting ways to use the cleanse?


EVOHE Foam Wash

How is the EVOHE foam wash unique?



What are some of the multiple applications of the Mist?


EVOHE skin care EVOHE EVOHE skincare

What top three products would you select for a customer that has Acne or Skin prone to breakouts? (Select all that apply)


EVOHE Repair Intensive & Omega 3.6.9

What top two products would you choose for a customer that was experiencing rosacea/dermatitis/eczema/scarring/inflammation/redness/sensitivity?


EVOHE moisture

How would you decide if a customer should use the Moisture lite or the Omega 369 as their daily moisturiser?


EVOHE skincare for men

Is EVOHE suitable for Men?


EVOHE self care

How do you self nurture?

There are not right or wrong answers here, however if you would like to journey a little deeper with your Self Care feel free to connect with Meg via this Self Care Discovery Questionnaire.

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