Palm Off, Palm Oil – It’s personal!

Personal Insight from CEO and Co-Founder of EVOHE Skincare – Meghan Kurts Forrester.

EVOHE Skincare has been up and running for over 12 years now and through that time I’ve had some serious ups and downs. From the birth of Willem to the ever present commitment to ensure we are 100% Palm Oil Free, it’s been a little crazy (and that’s just the half of it)!

My little boy is becoming more self-aware, even to the devastation that Palm causes. Willem and I were sitting on the couch watching the Jungle episode of Our Planet (By David Attenborough). He was eager and excited, learning about the Orangutans and was really invested and understanding of what David was saying. I was watching in awe (proud mumma moment!).

That was when they started showing Palm plantations taking over the rainforest and mentioned the fact that 100 Orangutans dying each WEEK due to ‘human activity’. Willem’s face instantly was concerned, the next moment was quite surreal and it felt like time had slowed right down. It really brought back home, why we are so passionate about Palm.

The conversation went like:

Willem: What human activity Mummy? (imagine a cute 3 year olds voice here 🙂

Me: Cutting down the forest to grow palm trees

W: What humans do that for?

M: Humans use Palm Oil in food and skincare

W: What’s skincare?

M: Like Mummy’s EVOHE

W: EVOHE have Palm Oil?

M: No darling, EVOHE doesn’t have Palm Oil (tears spilling by this point)

Willem just nods in agreement and smiles.

By this stage my heart was pulsating with a mixture of pride and grief. I also had this feeling of relief, that it has all been worth it…just to have this very moment. After all these years of research and saying NO to Palm Oil, holding strong despite the pressure. To be able to look at my little boy in the eye and tell him EVOHE is Palm Oil FREE was the absolute highlight of my career.

It’s been a challenging road to lead the way with the PALM FREE revolution…but every bit has been worth it.

My sincere thank you for being part of the solution and supporting EVOHE and Palm Free. 

For so long I have felt too small to really make any difference, but as I see the wisdom in my little boys eyes, I feel a true sense of hope, that the future is in their hands and I am doing my part.

Meghan xx


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