The Mythic Masculine

In this conversation, Meghan shares the impetus behind writing her book WTF – A Man’s Guide, and the challenge making it accessible to all readers (not just men).  She articulates her unique practice of mapping the seasons and archetypes to the cycles of menstruation, along with practical tips to support the women in your life.

And finally this podcast covers the connection between the blood cycle and this modern culture’s fear of death, and why slowing down just might be the medicine we all need right now.

Self-Care for Busy Women

Busy woman often care for everyone else before themselves. Meg is on a mission to help busy women put a little bit of time aside for themselves so they can be the best they can. Laugh and listen as Meghan, Founder and CEO of EVOHE skincare tell us some of the wackiest self-care techniques you will ever hear!

Louisa Hollenberg of Earth & Skin interviews Meghan for her ‘The Dirty World Podcast

What is Family?

Beyond the pretty products and fluffy self-care. Meg is the solo parent of a 4 year old boy, author of 2 books and CEO of EVOHE ethical skincare. She cared for her first husband through 3 years of cancer and is also solo parenting, because the father of her child passed from cancer. 

The ‘What is Family?’ podcast highlights dynamic and passionate mums who care about self-care.