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We have all been there, two weeks before a major event, something we have been planning and dreaming about for ages…then suddenly it is almost upon us and we realise we have not even spent a moment thinking about how we are looking. As we run screaming to the mirror and notice those red eyes, the blotchy skin and heavens…the bags, I mean serious suitcases under our eyes…ok, so step away from the mirror and calm down. There is always time to improve things, to care for ourselves, nourish ourselves and allow our amazing body to fully takeover the makeover we all desperately need.  So, let’s go through a few simple things we can all do to be really prepared for that big event. Just remember, the more time we give ourselves, the better results we will get, but it is never too late to make a start.


If you are looking tired, your eyes are saggy and your skin doesn’t sparkle then you probably need to alkalise your system. Sounds long winded and complicated? It isn’t, trust me. Start to drink more water, fresh filtered water. Each morning jump out of bed and start your day with a big glass of water with fresh lemon squeezed into it, warming the water first is even better. How simple is that? Yet that alone is a huge step towards alkalising your day. Staying hydrated during the day is one of the biggest improvements you can make to radically improve the way your skin glows.  Other ways to alkalise your system include eating more vegetables, you surely didn’t think I was going to miss this opportunity did you, to miss telling you to eat your greens? Whether they are raw or added to a smoothie or steamed or cooked, all vegetables and in particular greens play an enormous role in alkalising our system.


It is also just as important to reduce any major acidic players you have been over doing recently; alcohol, coffee, refined sugars, junk food, processed carbohydrates like white bread, pasta in particular. If you don’t have much time before the event, instantly drop that alcohol, it is truly the worst habit for your skin, vitality and eye shine. If you have a few weeks then cut down the alcohol and only consume 1-2 standard drinks on 1-2 nights each week rather than every day.

Introduce some herbal teas to your regular habits. Nettle, fennel, dandelion, ginger will all support your system to create a gentle cleansing effect and support your liver in removing excess toxins and waste from your system. Be aware that more than 2 cups of dandelion tea in a day may provoke a detox headache, so gently does it.


Swap morning tea or afternoon tea for a delicious green smoothie instead of sugary snacks. This will give you a heap of vital greens and energy to feed your cells rather than bathe them in refined sugars, which will create inflammation and excess fluid retention and puffiness, especially in the face and under the eyes. Hemp seeds and avocado in that smoothie will help add some delicious essential oils and fats to your diet and help with the skin glow!

Gentle, daily exercise will help shift toxins through the lymph system and the bowels. Eliminating waste in this manner is safe and gentle for your body and will help to improve skin tone and elasticity and improve blood flow and oxygen to all parts of the body.


Good sleep is vital to how you experience your energy during the day and therefore the foods you regularly reach for. Going to bed after 10pm most nights will quickly reflect in your face. Drinking alcohol in the evening will stimulate your liver and disturb your sleep during the early hours. Get to bed early most nights so the occasional late night wont effect you as much, most of us need a good 7-8 hours sleep each night to fully detox, repair and restore the body. Natural growth hormone is released during your sleep at night, memory is reinforced, natural weight management is assured and all our cells are repaired during the hours of sleep. Skip this important step and your face will reveal all!  As the event draws closer, reduce your stress and freshen your appearance with some early nights, you never know, it could become a habit you enjoy!


Antioxidants are key to help improve not just your eyesight but eye shine as well. Look for fresh foods rich in colour; berries, tomatoes, sweet potato, plums, kale, avocado, beetroot. The rich colours reveal a high level of antioxidants not present in all foods.

Another modification to your diet to really help decongest your skin is to drop dairy foods. Dairy contains a protein, casein, which the human body cannot assimilate comfortably, it creates congestion in the body adding to mucus production on all our delicate mucosal linings, it slows the bowels and passage of waste though the bowels. Removing them from your diet may just be the most positive thing you could do to detox and cleanse your body. Remove all milk, cream, cheese, yoghourt, ice cream, ideally for 4 weeks, but at least for 2 weeks and see how you feel.


There are many ways to improve the natural glow of your skin and the beautiful shine of your eyes, eating natural foods that come in nature will help you to do this and removing or limiting any processed foods including alcohol, white bread, junk food, milk, refined sugar.

Use the precious herbs nature supplies, including a few leaves of basil each day, just chew on them or add them to your cooking, for mental clarity. Nettle tea or fennel tea to gently cleanse the system, dandelion tea will support liver function and improve bowels. Parsley is great for supporting iron in the blood, cleansing the breath.


Maintaining good hydration with plenty of fresh filtered water is the first step to take to returning your skin to its natural glowing state.

Even if you only have a few days to go before that big event, let’s get cracking!

About the author:

Caroline ScottCaroline Scott BHSc (N&D)

Caroline, since graduating as a dietician has spent the past 14 years working in clinical practice in collaboration with local government, holistic doctors, herbalists, naturopaths, chefs and health retreats. She has co-authored a cookbook for children reflecting her unique nutrition philosophy, of using only whole foods for good health and using these same whole plant based foods as medicine. She is committed to helping people prevent and reverse disease and her passion is for helping others to achieve these outcomes by encouraging everyone she meets to keep reaching until they attain their highest goals in health, happiness, joy and passion.

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