Product Spotlight: Omega 3.6.9

 “Surely one of the greatest preventions for signs of ageing would be delivering skin compatible antioxidants to the skin.  Seeing the amazing before and after results from using Omega 3.6.9 on burns and wounds indicates the potential anti-aging qualities of this product.” – Meg Forrester, creator of EVOHE Skincare.

Multiple Applications and Product Information

  • In cooler months use Omega 3.6.9 in conjunction with Moisture Lite or Repair Intensive for extra hydration.
  • Mix one pump of Omega 3.6.9 with a sprinkle of mineral powder for a beautiful, silky liquid foundation with a dewy finish.
  • Burns tend to notice skin repair with Omega 3.6.9 once the initial wound has healed over.
  • Mix with a sprinkle of blush and rub on lips for a moisturising tinted lip gloss.
  • Rub around and underneath nails to moisturise cuticles and stop nails drying out and curling – especially in Winter.

Key Points

  • Useful for treatment of dry or flaky skin conditions.
  • Assists in the healing of scars and sun damage.
  • Brilliant for all seasons and light enough to use throughout the summer.
  • It is compatible with the skin’s natural sebum making it non-greasy and rapidly absorbed.
  • Often oily skin tendency is due to the skin overcompensating for the lack of nourishment. By feeding the skin with Omega rich oils, a balance can be experienced.
  • Use daily morning or evening as a general moisturiser.

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