Say Goodbye to Acne Naturally

Is acne affecting your self confidence at school, at work or socially? We have some great natural acne treatment tips to help your skin find it’s balance and get your confidence soaring again.

  1. Use a face wash such as EVOHE Foam Wash which contains a gentle surfactant such as one derived from olive oil and won’t strip your skin of its natural oils. Don’t be afraid of the ‘O’ word, natural oils are good oils!
  2. Use EVOHE Repair Intensive which helps to soothe inflammation and also contains antibacterial ingredients to soothe the skin and help treat acne.
  3. Avoid cheap vegetable waxes used as ingredients in skincare, they tend to be heavy and form a barrier on the skin.
  4. Also avoid using alcohol based products to try and clear up the excess oil, this leaves the skin even drier after washing. Hydrating the skin with compatible products will assist with balancing sebum (oil) production and skin vitality.
  5. Use a mask that assists with redness and inflammation such as EVOHE Silica Mask. This can be used as a spot treatment as well! Look out for masks that use white clay as they are generally more gentle for the skin.

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