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A perfect travel companion. Take a little piece of home with you and keep your skin glowing with this convenient Travel Kit. Your Self Nurture rituals become portable and efficient no matter where you’re headed. On your journey, the EVOHE Travel Kit holds all the perks of a day spa in one small case suitable for your carry on.


Pack Includes

Cleanse 15ml
– Great for all skin types
– Balances natural oils
– Assists with ageing
– Use as a make up remover
– Can be used as a non-irritating shave cream

Mist 15ml
– Spray before moisturising and after make up
– Calming and soothing as a spray for children and babies
– Great for after exercise to cool down
– Ideal travel companion
– Use on face and body as desired

Moisture Lite 15ml
– Daily moisturiser
– Combine with EVOHE Colours for a matte foundation
– Reduces redness, dark circles and puffiness
– Effective on dry, damaged or acne prone skin

Omega 3.6.9 10ml
– Use morning and evening as a daily hydrating treatment
– Use with EVOHE Moisture Lite or EVOHE Repair Intensive for deeper skin nourishment
– Use with EVOHE Colours Mineral Powder for a dewy finish
– Great for burns and scars once the initial wound has healed over
– Helps address signs of aging

Repair Intensive 15ml
– Excellent for treating acne
– Great for bites, stings and prickly skin irrtations
– Use for sunburn and healing peeling skin
– Can be used on sensitive skin areas including the genitals
– For external treatment of thrush
– Combine with EVOHE Colours for an anti-bacterial foundation

EVOHE Colours Mineral Powder
– 100% pure minerals
– Australian white clay base
– No nano, talc, fillers, bismuth, preservatives or binders
– Coverage can be adjusted to be natural or more full-coverage
– Suitable for all skin types including acne and breakout prone
– Gentle on sensitive skin
– Suitable for men & women

Foam Wash 60ml
– Leaves skin clear and toned
– Doesn’t strip away natural oils from skin
– Beneficial for all skin types
– Effective at removing make up
– Use as face wash, hand wash or body wash
– Use as shampoo or shaving cream
– Can be used as a bath wash for baby

Silica Mask 30ml
– Apply to dry skin and leave for 15 minutes before massaging and rinsing off
– Can be used as an overnight spot treatment
– Great for uneven skin tone
– Gently buffs away dead skin cells
– Allows moisture to hydrate skin effectively

Handy Travel Uses

* Gently cleanse your skin of environmental residue without stripping delicate oil from your skin
* Remove makeup whilst maintaining pH balance
* Excellent shaving lotion for men and delicate areas for women

* Ease travel anxiety with 1 swift swish of Mist!
* Tone your skin and prepare for the next level of moisture
* Calm irritated or sunburnt skin
* Play with Children 🙂

Moisture Lite
* AM & PM your trusty moisturiser
* Anytime – anywhere, mix it with everything (Omega 3.6.9, Silica Mask & Mist) to add a boost of hydration on long flights
* Mix with your EVOHE Colours to create a matte foundation or concealer

 Omega 3.6.9
* AM or PM everyday everywhere skin hydration
* Apply to scars or burns for soothing
* Mix with EVOHE Colours for healthy sun-kissed glow plus sun protection

Repair Intensive
* Cuts, bites, scratches
* Blisters, burns, sunburn
* General soothing anywhere, anytime for any kind of unusual or irritated skin condition

EVOHE Colours Mineral Powder
* Get your glamour on. Mix with Moisture Lite for a matte fuller coverage or just go fresh and dewy with a small amount of Omega 3.6.9.
* Excellent sun protection and it’s even water resistant
* Use as a spot concealer around sleepy or jetlagged eyes

Foam Wash
* Hand wash
* Hair wash
* Face wash
* Wash small items of clothing on the run

Silica Mask
* Buff away dirt, grime and dead skin – let your skin take a deep breath of fresh air!
* Breakout or spots? No problem, just apply a dab on the spot before you go to bed and sleep sweetly…
* Dry hands? – mix Silica Mask with a good dose of Repair Intensive and rest your hands in
some cotton gloves or socks will also do the trick.  Emerge with fresh youthful looking hands!


For ingredients see full sized product links above.

Patch test before use. Nut oil free. Vegan-friendly. Do not ingest. Store between 15ºC – 30ºC. Use within 12 months of opening. Please leave overcap on when not in use.

 ** Please note – The container we are currently using for our Mineral power is made from materials that are unlikely to be recycled through your regular recyclable management system. We are in the process of changing the material to something more environmentally friendly, which we are really excited about. We will be offering a solution very shortly in order to make sure your container (once finished with) gets to an appropriate recycling facility and repurposed.
If recycling this container is important to you, we would like to encourage you to join EVOSAY – our online community so
it is easy for us to contact you with our solution.
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Weight0.460 kg
Dimensions18 × 7 × 16.5 cm


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2 reviews for Travel Kit

  1. amitchell_

    This made travelling so much easier! Perfect sizes to take on the plane in carry on, even international. I loved using the Mist on the plane especially as it really kept my skin hydrated from the plane.

  2. Colleen s.

    This bag has got all my favs in travel size

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