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It all starts here…this is what your skin has been waiting for!

Start your EVOHE journey with this Trial Pack and get ready for your skin to soak up some serious nutrient-rich goodness!

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It all starts here…this is what your skin has been waiting for!

Start your EVOHE journey with this Trial Pack and get ready for your skin to soak up some serious nutrient-rich goodness!

Includes: 5ml Cleanse, 5ml Mist, 5ml Moisture Lite, 5ml Omega 3.6.9, 5ml Repair Intensive, 1g EVOHE Colours – Inbetween (Please note: The EVOHE Colours sample is in a bag, not a jar as pictured)

Please Note : Experienced EVOHE lovers might notice that the contents of this pack have changed. We are in the process of creating a Travel Kit, designed especially to fit all the EVOHE goodness you want and love, into your suitcase!



Pack Includes

Cleanse 5ml
– Great for all skin types
– Balances natural oils
– Assists with ageing
– Use as a make up remover
– Can be used as a non-irritating shave cream

Mist 5ml
– Spray before moisturising and after make up
– Calming and soothing as a spray for children and babies
– Great for after exercise to cool down
– Ideal travel companion
– Use on face and body as desired

Moisture Lite 5ml
– Daily moisturiser
– Combine with EVOHE Colours for a matte foundation
– Reduces redness, dark circles and puffiness
– Effective on dry, damaged or acne prone skin

Omega 3.6.9 5ml
– Use morning and evening as a daily hydrating treatment
– Use with EVOHE Moisture Lite or EVOHE Repair Intensive for deeper skin nourishment
– Use with EVOHE Colours Mineral Powder for a dewy finish
– Great for burns and scars once the initial wound has healed over
– Helps address signs of aging

Repair Intensive 5ml
– Excellent for treating acne
– Great for bites, stings and prickly skin irrtations
– Use for sunburn and healing peeling skin
– Can be used on sensitive skin areas including the genitals
– For external treatment of thrush
– Combine with EVOHE Colours for an anti-bacterial foundation
– Refrigerate for a more soothing experience

EVOHE Colours Mineral Powder 1gm
– 100% pure minerals
– Australian white clay base
– No nano, talc, fillers, bismuth, preservatives or binders
– Coverage can be adjusted to be natural or more full-coverage
– Suitable for all skin types including acne and breakout prone
– Gentle on sensitive skin
– Suitable for men & women
*Colour in pack: In-Between

** Please note – The container we are currently using for our Mineral power is made from materials that are unlikely to be recycled through your regular recyclable management system. We are in the process of changing the material to something more environmentally friendly, which we are really excited about. We will be offering a solution very shortly in order to make sure your container (once finished with) gets to an appropriate recycling facility and repurposed.
If recycling this container is important to you, we would like to encourage you to join EVOSAY – our online community so
it is easy for us to contact you with our solution.
To stay connected- Click here

Why is EVOHE so awesome?

1.    Our ingredients are as pure, natural and organic as you’ll get!

2.    We love our earth and are inspired to find sustainable solutions when it comes to creating our products.

3.    There are no rules with EVOHE! You know your skin better than we do, so choose what feels right for you.
Mix and match the products as you wish!

4.    By choosing EVOHE, you’re not only making your skin happy, you’re also officially a conscious consumer!

5.    We are a friendly team who are always here for you. Pick up the phone and give us a call if you have any skin concerns or questions or feel free to

Click here to learn more about EVOHE and our philosophy.

Money back guarantee

We are so confident you’ll love EVOHE that we’ll give you your MONEY BACK + a FREE bamboo face cloth if your skin isn’t happy with our products!

Yep, you read correctly. If your skin isn’t happy, we aren’t either!


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4 reviews for Trial Pack

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    As a newbie vegan, I was looking for vegan/animal friendly skincare products, and I happened across Evohe at my local Go-Vita store. I bought the travel pack to try before shelling out for the larger bottles, and I absolutely adore it. My skin feels amazing, and I’ll definitely be buying more.
    Also, I suffer the odd outbreak of dermatitis on my hands (due a lot of the time to beauty products), and I’m pleased to report that I’ve had no such issues with Evohe. Thank you for making such wonderful products. 🙂

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have used this travel pack on my short business trips and they last forever and they are absolutely beautiful to use. I have worked in the health and wellness industry for over 18 years and I truly believe this product is the best I have found on the market for safe skin care products. Thanks Evohe!!

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Brooke Mellor

    I thought that try products are very soft and delicate on your skin aha and I love how it’s all vegan

  4. Rated 4 out of 5


    Loved the trial pack and there was enough to test the products for about a week. I was having quite a few problems with hormonal breakouts, flaky skin – you name it and only after a day or two, my skin started to calm down. I started to panic when the samples were getting low so I ordered all the full sized products (all except the cleanse – I have since ordered the foam wash and this is great.) Love the smell too!

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