Silica Mask – Winning the Hearts of Many

EVOHE Silica Mask facial mask treatment

One of EVOHE’s STAR products, Silica Mask adds MAGIC to your skincare routine. Read on, for application tips and to hear what Industry Professionals have to say.

“When I or my customers are detoxing or there are any hormonal shifts resulting in skin breakouts, I find the Silica Mask is the only thing which calms the inflammation overnight and reduces redness.  Even for my sensitive clients this product is fantastic” – Di, Go Vita – Arundel.

 “I don’t know what I did before I found Silica Mask. Nothing compares to it in results from Natural Skincare. I am genuinely impressed and wouldn’t use anything else” – Elyssia Sanders, Beauty Therapist Gold Coast, QLD

“I have never seen such a great finish with application of makeup after using EVOHE Silica Mask.  It prepares the skin beautifully. Makeup looks clear and clean and has a lasting finish”Amanda Wren, Makeup Artist

Now because this product is unique by nature, you’ll find that the methods for application are also a little unique. Read on to discover some of your options with Silica Mask.

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EVOHE Silica Mask is unique in its formulation and is best used on clean, damp skin. Only a small amount is needed and should be applied in the way you would apply a moisturiser (i.e. a thin layer).

As the product dries, a fine white mask will soon appear and you may feel a tightening sensation. Gently massage your face in circular motions to relieve any tightness and enjoy the porcelain effect on your skin. Use the powder for a gentle abrasive/exfoliating effect. It is ideal for sensitive/stressed skin. The powder will show you what areas on your face need ‘attention’ i.e. dry patches and congestion will be very obvious. Work these areas by way of a gentle finger-tip massage.

Remove Silica Mask with a warm face washer such as the Bamboo Face Cloth and rinse away any residue. Follow with a Mist and Omega 3.6.9 Oil  or any similar oil for glowing results.

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Silica Mask is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

For women, the skin may be sensitive at times more than others during their cycle.  In some cases we have found that as the Silica Mask dries a tingling/heating sensation is felt.  This soon passes once the product is dry and is replaced with a slight tightness.

For acne prone or inflamed skin, Silica Mask can be used as a spot treatment by directly applying the mask to inflammations and leaving on overnight.

Cleanse skin as you would normally in the morning. Apply Repair Intensive for inflammation and antibacterial benefits throughout the day. Use 3-4 days consecutively each week. For severe inflammations the Repair Intensive can be used prior to applying the Silica Mask.

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NOTE: This treatment is only beneficial for those who have clear skin.  It is recommended that before you try this treatment you have used the Silica Mask consistently for some time even for a few days consecutively. Preferably in the evening, apply the Silica Mask in the standard way and massage the powder as you would normally do.

Once you have finished, instead of washing your face directly apply over the top of the powder, 2-4 pumps of Omega 3.6.9 Oil and then go to bed. In the morning cleanse your skin as usual and see the difference for yourself!

EYE (or lip) MASK  

Apply Omega 3.6.9 with a brush around cleansed eye area. Then with the same brush apply Silica Mask and allow time to set and restore the delicate eye area. Once the mask has dried, use very gentle finger-tip strokes in a figure eight to revive and relieve tired eyes.

You may rinse gently or apply more Omega 3.6.9 and sleep with it on overnight. Cleanse skin as normal in the morning.

EVOHE always has a ‘No Rules’ Policy – meaning that you do what feels right for you! How do you like to use EVOHE Silica Mask? We’d love to hear from you… Feel free to leave us a comment, get in touch on our Facebook page, or write us an email:

With love, EVOHE xx

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