Sleep for Superpowers!

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Let’s talk about sleep!

We all need it (some more than others), but with busy lives and the added pressures of modern life, a lot of us are missing out.

Sleep is one of our biggest allies, yet we often neglect it. Getting good sleep requires discipline, better practices and setting boundaries (and sticking to them!). For Willem and myself, it was difficult, but we adjusted our routine and adapted. Since Willem and I have started sleeping through the night and getting to bed by 8pm, I have felt like an entirely new person! Sleep deprivation in the first year and disturbed sleep in the second really started to take its toll.

I understand and feel bounds of compassion for those who struggle with getting a good night’s sleep. I personally understand how it can feel like you are losing your mind…because you kind of are!

When our mind is sleep deprived, it affects

  • Alertness
  • Productivity
  • Performance
  • Concentration
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Memory
  • Mood
  • Reaction times

Phew…that’s a lot! No wonder we feel like we’re going a little crazy without sleep!

It is clear that we are no good to anyone when we’re not functioning to the best of our ability and are tired, exhausted and irritable. We often find ourselves pushing more out of ourselves with the mission to become a ‘superwoman’ of sorts. We want to get everything done, even while running on half empty.

It’s pretty simple, when we are out of balance we aren’t in sync with our biological clock which affects our energy levels and how we feel. We can’t be glowing and effective while we’re sleep deprived! As women, we need to pay attention to our hormones, they dictate when we should be sleeping so we can be the best we can. We need to nurture our hormones with sleep and pay attention to what they are telling us.

And what our hormones tell us is that getting to bed by 8pm is the best, 9pm is good and 10pm is still okay. The optimal time for sleep is between 10pm-6am. This concept is coined as ‘The Goddess Train’ which leaves at 10pm every night! Missing the ‘goddess’ train results in less energised and revitalising sleep, leaving you feeling sleep deprived.

Getting to bed by the optimal time of 8pm enhances your decision-making skills, supports your ability for healthy emotions, rests your body, increases energy levels as well as encouraging your mind to store information in a more organised manner.

Healthy adults need on average 7 hours of quality sleep (however this differs, some need 8.5 hours!). For children, the elderly, pregnant mothers and sick people, more sleep is needed than the average 7 hours.

Another thing I find that helps is getting some supplements into my day – B vitamins, magnesium, omega oils and herbal blends. So good!

What I can say is that I am so glad that I adjusted my routine! With more sleep comes more:

  • Patience
  • Capacity
  • Happy hormones
  • Ability to learn
  • Ability to witness myself
  • Space to breathe and move
  • More focus
  • More desire to connect and play

My pace is faster and my movements are more effective, I get things done!

With clearer thoughts I can express my feelings and needs with better clarity. I can express better boundaries. I no longer feel blown around by the breeze or that I’m making decisions under mountains of pressure. I don’t feel like a victim to everyday household duties – I feel like I am their boss…I own them!

In this state of flow, I get it all done and then some. There is no feeling of rush…just a feeling like I’m driving a well oiled machine.

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