Summer Beauty 101

Are you feeling beach ready? Try these quick tips to get yourself bronzed, luscious and confident for summer!

Body of work – get polished!

Problem: Winter wobble and dull skin.

Solution: EVOHE Face & Body Exfoliant or Espresso Scrub Bar

Buff away dead skin cells and encourage the release of toxins through the skin with a scrub bar or exfoliant! Scrub bars and exfoliants are awesome to detox the skin and promote cell stimulation. Use 2-4 times a week on problem areas and follow with a nourishing body oil. Remember it’s essential to exfoliate to remove dead, dry skin cells and to encourage your moisturiser to properly nourish your skin!



Skin fixes

Problem: Dry, scaly skin.

Solution: EVOHE Mist and Silica Mask

To get your skin hydrated for Summer, always carry around a hydrating mist with you during the day. Spritz regularly! In conjunction with using a mask at night time, your skin will be super smooth and silky. Using a mask ensures that all the dead skin cells are removed leaving you with more radiant and fresh, youthful skin!

Mist (5)

Happy feet

Problem: Winter toes.

Solution: Get a pedicure!

The rule of thumb, is pedicures every two weeks in Summer! Make sure you go to a reputable salon that uses hygienic practices to keep your nails healthy. To freshen up between pedicures, scrub the top of your foot with a good exfoliate to keep it supple.


A smoother you

Problem: Hair everywhere.

Solution: Waxing or sugaring

The fastest, most effective way to get rid of unwanted hair is waxing – however have you heard of sugaring?! It’s a more gentle and natural alternative to waxing with the same amazing results. It is especially great for delicate areas such as the bikini line! However…if you don’t have time to wait for the right length, you’ll need a good razor.


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