The Best Way to Apply Mascara

If asked…most women would say that if they were stuck on a desert island and could only take one product, it would be mascara! (This question is so funny…thinking that if you did end up stranded on a desert island you would still be worried about how you look!) I guess that’s it…the flutter of your eyes, the soft highlighted glow of your skin or the flush of your cheek – all very important stuff. BUT let’s just say that the next time you end up stranded on a desert island…you have piles of delicious food to eat, a stream of water and a hut that takes glamping to a new level, so next on your list of concerns would obviously be which beauty product you can’t live without. Most women opt for mascara…and I don’t blame them – it opens the eyes, creates a flirty fringe of lashes and enhances what you already have.



Now its true that lots of women struggle with the best way to apply mascara that enhances that lashes they have. So here’s a quick guide to making the most of your luscious lashes:

The key is to understand that what you’re doing (apart from darkening your lashes) is framing the eye. Thus you want to get right to the root of your lashes with the brush. Leaving gaps at the root is what can make your lashes look unfinished and weigh down the ends of the lashes with too much mascara.

The first coat should just be for the base of the lashes. Place your brush at the root of the lash and gently rock it side to side to get a good initial coat on the lashes. Then (without letting the first coat dry), apply your second coat through the top lashes, pulling the product through to the ends. This is usually enough mascara for a day look, but if you want to go glam, feel free to add another coat. A handy tip is also to add one final layer on the outer corners to give your lashes a flirty lift at the outer edges.

For bottom lashes, wipe off the wand with a tissue (smaller lashes require less product) and hold the wand vertically for easy access to every lash. One coat is usually enough for the bottom lashes.

If you’ve done your mascara right, you may not even need eyeliner. Which is a good thing since if you were stuck on a desert island, eyeliner might be hard to come by…and especially since you’ve already used up your desert island beauty product!

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