The Palm Oil Issue


When we first developed the EVOHE formulas we always knew that as time went on there would be new technology and potentials available to us and that to keep up, our formulas would need further development.  So we started right where we were and found the best suppliers in the industry who were committed to fair trade, cruelty-free, organic, non-GMO, Palm Oil free and 100% plant based and non-toxic ingredients.It was crucial that the ethics of our suppliers met our own.It’s been a bit of a journey and at times very challenging.  Our intention has always been to produce the best product we can, and I believe we have.
We have taken a truth in labelling pledge which is essentially our vow to our customers that we are honest and transparent with our ingredients.

The Palm Oil Issue:

When I first learnt of the atrocities that were occurring in Indonesia I knew I had to do something. Commercially we can make a statement by what we do or ‘not do’ with our money. Boycotting any ingredient with palm oil in it, including glycerin, was my mission. In the last few years, I have seen great progress and awareness across the food and personal care industries.

A few years ago we were approached by an independent group called Palm Oil Investigations (POI) – a passionate organisation committed to raising awareness and making a change for the better.

At the time I had a signed declaration from the legal representative from our supplier of emulsifier that the product they supplied us was 100% palm oil free. POI told us that they believed against what we had been promised by our supplier and that from their independent chemists’ studies of the emulsifier we were using it did indeed have Palm Oil in it ‘somewhere in the processing’.

This was a very confusing development for me and I was deeply disturbed and upset. I cried alot! It was also at the same time I was caring for my late husband, Baz, which made it even more intense.
It started a rabbit hole journey for me and myself and my team spent years researching and reformulating.

We are now very proud to say that we have an alternative emulsification system that we are truly happy with and it is 100% Palm Oil Free! Yipeeeeee!!!

NUT FREE & Vegan:

You will notice on our ingredient panel that there is the addition of Cocoa, Shea and Mango Butters, also Avocado and Olive Oils. This process also gave us the opportunity to make our formulas NUT FREE which is an added bonus for any of those with nut allergies.

Of course we are still 100% Vegan and only use Natural & Organic ingredients.


Now, you heard me mention all palm oil based ingredients including glycerine. Many people in the early days didn’t realise that glycerine was a byproduct of biofuel from Palm!

The crazy irony was that corporations trying to be “socially responsible” were cutting down rainforest to grow palm crops to make eco-friendly fuel?!  It just doesn’t make sense to me.

So glycerine was blacklisted in my book and we never touched it. Then in the last year, we discovered some amazing Australian Native Extracts.  I was excited to add these into our range and reduce our ‘footprint’ by discontinuing use of the imported actives we sourced from the Swiss Alps.

At first, to my dismay, I noticed that the actives were in a glycerine base. I spoke to the supplier who I have a good relationship with and expressed my concerns about the origin of the glycerine.  She proceeded to explain the source of their glycerine being Organic, non-GMO from maize and soy. She also gave me the paperwork to back it up. Check! 🙂
I realised that through all of the boycotting and passionate awareness the Palm Oil movement was making a difference commercially and there are now alternative sources of Glycerine.  Another win for our fight to save the rainforests in Indonesia…it felt like a humble and heartwarming success!

The topic of ‘true’ sustainability is a hot one and very subjective. I believe in using my own internal compass and following my conscience when it comes to business. Sometimes it feels that EVOHEs growth and financial success is slow because of this, but I feel rich in so many other ways – I’m genuinely in love with the EVOHE products and know the extent of their purity…so much so that you will often see my little boy sucking on the foam wash bottle in the bath and I don’t flinch. Never tested on animals…just on us 😉

With love,

Meg and The EVOHE Team xx

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