The Story of EVOHE

The EVOHE Story

The story of EVOHE…now that’s a story! Let me tell you how EVOHE came to be.

My late husband (Baz, you may have heard him mentioned a few times over the years) and I were running an illegal restaurant in the hills of the Byron shire in Australia. We were a thriving combination of men meets woman = lets create something! We had both come from fairly traumatic experiences and were keen to start anew. What we lacked was any real business sense or funding, hence the home-based business.

Our clientele loved what we produced and we were booked out for a year, but we also knew in reality that it was a short-term gig. Party because it was illegal, and partly because after hand-making everything we served, there wasn’t really any profit. It was a love job. One of our very dear customers also pointed this out and asked what our plans were for the future.

It was a poignant moment.

I didn’t have an answer. But Baz did. He said, “Meg is going to start a skincare company”. I replied, “Hell no, that’s not my thing anymore!”. You see, I had been involved with the high-end French cosmetic houses in my 20s and had completely burnt out as a result from the never-ending pressure. The pressure to be manicured at all times, have perfect hair, walk in high heels all day long while ensuring I did not have lipstick on my teeth. It was fun at first, but agony by the end of it.

There was no way I wanted any part of an industry that used 14 year old models to sell a cellulite cream, or one that constantly told me I wasn’t pretty enough, that I wasn’t good enough. 

At my defensive response, our customer Margie (who we like to call the ‘fairy godmother’ of EVOHE) and Baz both reassured me that I could do it differently. 

It was their belief in me that started this whole EVOHE journey.

And since both of them have now passed, it is EVOHE that continues to hold me up, when my belief in myself falters. What a gift, what a legacy they left me. Just the simple process of applying my moisturiser in the evening and looking myself in the eye with love, I felt held. And there were many times where it did more than just hold me.

The values that EVOHE represent have been a life line to my sanity and a catalyst to my creativity. EVOHE to this day helps me to shed old beliefs and conditioning around not being enough. It has shown me how to turn up with authenticity and belonging in myself, that I can be the real me and that I am totally lovable as I am – just like YOU are. 

Who would have thought that running a business like EVOHE for over 14 years would be one of the most transformational tools for personal development and self-awareness?

What’s in a name?

Baz was a keen sailor and he first found the word EVOHE on the side of a boat that regularly sails in the Antarctic. It was our dream to go on an expedition with them someday. Upon further research, Baz discovered the word ‘EVOHE’ was used by ancient Greeks and Egyptians when they were dancing and celebrating – as a point of exclamation. So the world EVOHE is basically an exclamation mark! Pretty cool!

After both having come through intense hardships in our life, we were determined to Celebrate Life and so the name EVOHE just fitted. Upon deeper contemplation we realised that when the word was separated into parts, it was EV (woman) – O (earth) – HE (man). Our representation of this and what we wove into the very foundations of our business EVOHE is ‘Celebration of Life’ and ‘Balance between Man, Woman & Earth’. 

Remember, you are enough.

In the EVOHE formulas, we also used a combination of Australian Bush Flower essence which for me represented the essence of how I wanted to see the Cosmetic industry change. This blend of flowers essentially means, “I see the beauty in myself, and I see the beauty in others”. How I wish that was what the beauty industry was founded on today.

My voice still feels small in this industry of giants constantly pumping out messages of “you aren’t beautiful as you are”. Our tagline here is ‘EVOHE lets you be the real you’ and this message is heard by a passionate loyal number of customers who love EVOHE and wouldn’t use anything else. Besides the EVOHE range being 100% natural and palm oil free, our ethical foundations are what I believe have given EVOHE longevity in a not so ethical industry. 

Although I’ve shed many tears and rage at the challenges I have faced running a business in this broken system, I’m also super proud and wouldn’t change a moment of it! I can’t believe I am saying this now, since I’ve been so pissed off about it for such a long time, but I am. I’m finding a way forward in business thanks to  compassion and I much prefer the peace hat this feeling brings rather than the fight.

When it came to the exploration of my cyclical nature, I naturally used my EVOHE products throughout my cycle – to soothe, uplift, nurture and optimise my experience of embodiment. Getting into my senses and connecting with my body can be a tricky thing since I tend to get so stuck in my head. EVOHE so beautifully brings me back to my body. It reminds me that my needs matter and it gives me the nurturing I crave. If EVOHE can lend a loving light to you in a time of struggle or crisis, then I am fulfilling one of my deepest hearts desires. 

To make the world a better place by loving ourselves and each other – in the skin we’re in.

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