Tired Tips

You know when you’re feeling really tired…and you just think to yourself “How am I possibly going to get through this day?!”. It’s almost like you don’t have enough fluid in your body to keep you moving – do you know what I mean?

When you’re feeling like this and you need a little boost – here are some of my literal survival techniques!

  • Add a pinch of salt into your water and drink LOTS of it! You’ve really got to commit to this…it’s non negotiable! The salt will help you absorb water without needing to go the toilet all the time.
  • When you get up in the morning and you know you haven’t had a decent sleep, then be smart with what you wear. Go with super stylish & comfy as your priorities – I’m talking from the undies to the shoes! As well as comfortable, these are the days to dress up more or go bold with some more colour – this will offset the grey/tired version of yourself. So bring out those shiny earrings/necklaces and bring some sparkle into your day!
  • Do a super quick EVOHE eyelift – mix some of the elluminate Face & Eye Serum with some Silica Mask. Leave this on to dry and then place a cotton pad soaked with elluminate Toner over it for 5 minutes. Use the Toner to remove and residue and wah-lah!
  • Layer up your EVOHE Colours. Do a second application with the Repair Intensive or even the elluminate Night Cream if you feel like you need some ‘heavy lifting’.
  • Eat simple, but well. Make sure you get plenty of wholefoods like avocado into you! Big complex meals make your digestion work hard and can further add to the fatigue, ugh. Avocado’s are like portable energy power packs…for you!
  • B R E A T H E in for 1…2…3..4 and then out for 1…2…3. Walk briskly somewhere, get active!
  • Have your EVOHE Mist or Harmonie Essential Oil handy for ‘top ups’ during the day. It will at least remind you to breathe deeply.
  • Try sighing as many times as you thing ‘Gawd, I’m tired!’. Sighing is a powerful technique that has been used by masters and is now taught by modern day breath workers such as Angelina Saunders. I am amazed at the results I get from a little humble sigh…and of course the best part is that it is a portable practice – try it anywhere!
  • Participate in practices/hobbies that feed your creative, natural state. This will fuel you to be able to do the mundane stuff in a flow state…it’s a much nicer place to be than in resistance, resentment and rushing.
  • Fill yourself up on things that you LOVE and that enrich your life. Even little snippets here and there…it doesn’t have to be a 5 day retreat in Bali. Get creative, find mini holiday style activities you can do during the week – or connect with girlfriends who really feed and inspire you.

And then….all you have to do is ‘yield’ and make it through the day.

It’s easier said than done…but it’s a good opportunity to just surrender to the rhythm of life willingly rather than with resistance…these are not the days to swim against the current. Be gentle by modifying the logistics of the day if you can – stay clear with your boundaries and choose your battles.

Trust that you will set yourself up to get the rest you need as soon as humanly possible and stick by it

These are also the times to back yourself by asking for support.

Remember, Be Your Bestfriend!

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