Tired and worn out? Why not see a Naturopath…

By Moira Bradfield – M.Acu, B.Nat, Dip TTM, MANTA

With the end of year fast approaching and summer knocking on your door, many of you may be longing for the youthful energy and endurance that warm summer days and Christmas holidays used to provide. In reality, as our working year wraps up, our financial worries continue and Christmas seems like another chore. This may be because you are suffering from a form of adrenal fatigue or burn out. Sometimes this fatigue is mild and ranges from poor motivation in daily activities coupled with Insomnia and poor rest to severe fatigue often classified as Chronic fatigue. A debilitating condition that interferes with many aspects of a persons functional life.

The treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and adrenal fatigue in Naturopathy often requires a multi-faceted approach. This means that there is no one magic supplement that will fix your adrenals and fatigue overnight. I find I get the best results when I recommend treatment and lifestyle approaches which are based on the individual’s presentation. Part of this presentation takes into account the circumstances leading to the CFS. For example there is often a viral trigger associated with CFS, treatment in this case would include treatment of the original virus and support of the immune system combined with Nervous system support and replenishment.

Other primary triggers of CFS include hormonal change, childbirth, chronic long term stress, hectic lifestyles, recreational drug and alcohol abuse/misuse, exposure to chemical or environmental toxins, pharmaceutical medication, Irritable bowel syndrome, amalgam fillings, bacterial infections and many more. While some aspects of the treatment will be similar the initial trigger must be assessed and addressed to have an impact on the exhaustion.

Failure to consider these causes often leads to treatment that is mildly effective but not restorative, which for someone who is chronically exhausted is frustrating and trying. In my practice, clients who fall into the CFS category will often be on a range of herbal and nutritional products and dietary suggestions, which change as their symptoms do. This approach also requires that the individual be aware of their own triggers, approach to life in general and to a certain degree they must be willing to change and adapt to their new situation.

Effective treatment often incorporates guidance from a qualified Naturopath or practitioner who can assess and prescribe lifestyle, complementary medicine based on your presentation.

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