Using EVOHE for Animals

If you know about EVOHE you probably know that we are 100% palm oil free, cruelty free and vegan…we’re completely animal friendly! You probably didn’t know that we’re actually so animal friendly that you can use EVOHE on animals and pets – big and small.

Over the years we’ve heard and witnessed many great uses of of EVOHE skincare and it’s certainly not been limited to us 2 legged humans.

Our other family members (the furry ones) have been great ambassadors for our HERO the Repair Intensive, Mist & Body Mist.

But ALL our products are natural, so feel free to try any other EVOHE products you think may work (and make sure to let us know, we’d LOVE to hear!).


Repair Intensive is perfect to use on your fluffy ones from kittens to cats. If your cat has scratches, bites, wounds from tick bites or any types of wounds, the Repair Intensive will be perfect to heal these quickly. We all know how thorough and incessant cats are with grooming/licking their fur which is often a concern when putting any products on fur…but if they do happen to lick it off, you know it’s safe for their tummy’s!

For dogs the Repair Intensive is also great for sore red noses from over digging!

The Body Mist is a great product to use on any recent operations that may be tender, sore or stitched up. As it’s a spray, this means you don’t have to touch them at all! But they get all the anti bacterial and soothing properties found in the Body Mist all the same.


Repair Intensive is perfect for birds legs and feet when they end up getting dry/scaly (which is quite common)! It doesn’t matter if they accidentally eat it plus it dries super quickly so you don’t have to worry about it getting spread around the place.

Shelly (pictured below with Polly) loves using the Mist to cool down Polly – plus she thinks it’s super fun!

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