What I Know For Sure…

Meg Forrester

What I know for sure…is that we all have our own unique story, our own fingerprint. Our story is shown in our hands, in our bodies, in our faces, in our hair and in our eyes. One thing I feel really respectful about when it comes to women and understanding myself is that we all have our own pace and we honour that. If we don’t feel like sharing…don’t. If we want to express ourselves and dance our arses off, then let’s do that! But just do what feels right for you and be honest with yourself about that.

In order to be honest with ourselves, we have to actually know ourselves. We have to know the crappy parts that aren’t working and we actually have to admit them! We have to take off the mask and be honest that we’re tired…and we’re angry, that we’re feeling fragile, that we haven’t waxed our bikini lines, that our house isn’t in order and our kids are throwing tantrums left right and centre. Whichever it is, it is okay that we’re not perfect because we’re just learning – that is the key.

Because if we can just relax into knowing that we are just learning, then it takes all the expectations off our shoulders. There’s a weight that gets lifted which allows us to actually start thinking deeper and thinking about what is going on. We don’t have to sit in it for too long either! Yes, we have to embrace our shadow, I get that, but then we can move forward with intention. We can focus on loving our future selves and giving gifts to our future selves, such as making a smoothie the night before because you know that you’re going to be in a hurry in the morning. Just doing little things like that to nourish ourselves, makes such a huge difference.

We really need to invest in our future selves so that we’re not being dragged down by the past, by the labels, by the names they called you in high school or what boyfriend has hurt you. We’ve got to be strong to let that go, we’ve got to hold onto our boundaries and structures within ourselves to be able to let that go. Sometimes it feels like it takes superhuman strength, so how are we possibly going to do that if we’re not taking the time for us. If we’re not giving ourselves enough time to eat properly, to sleep properly, take our herbs/supplements or whatever it is that we need to give ourselves a boost!

It’s not coffee in the morning and alcohol at night, that is not sustainable – and we know this. It’s okay if you do this, just make sure you do it with awareness, do it with an intention that you will be more mindful and loving towards yourself…see what happens. You don’t have to make huge shifts overnight, there’s no quantum leap required. Just little changes that will build a trust in yourself, because that is where we need to start. Fill your own cup and manage your own cup so that you have a ripple effect on the greater community, including your family.

Start with you…you know this. I know this for sure.

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