Why are we talking about Vulva’s? Well if we don’t who will?

Vulva Cloth

Reality check.  

I’m a mum, a widow, a CEO and an author – to say I’m busy is an understatement…

To say I’m a pro when it comes to Self Care on the go is a definite yes.

I’m all for caring for my vulva and I’ve written about Yoni Steaming in my book WSGR.

But when it came to actually doing it….I wasn’t walking my talk.

So I got creative…as I do, and the team and I at EVOHE came up with this little gem.

e – Vulva – Care  Herbal Steam Cloth.

yep…An instant – no fuss Yoni Steam for the busy woman.

Now I can do my little 1 minute ritual every night and I get huge benefit for no hassle.

The bamboo cloths are handmade here in Australia, the herbs are all organic, the Omega 3.6.9 that comes in the pack is a perfect addition to apply after the steam cloth and all you have to do is exhale and enjoy….ahhhhhhh

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