Winter Rituals – Heavenly Baths

When the weather is cooling down in Australia…Winter starts to bite. Although its not cold like other parts of the world…Australian houses are generally not very well insulated and heating teds to be pretty basic!

However…there is a solution! This is a great excuse to create a new Winter ritual. There is nothing like a nourishing and pampering bath when it’s cold outside.

The first thing to ensure is that you have some uninterrupted time! Turn off your phone and choose a time when the kids are out or in bed. For a Winter bath to be truly relaxing, you need to have proper quiet time. There is no point getting half way through your Silica Mask only to find that someone needs a pair of socks that…needless to say, you are the only person in the world who can find them.

Winter bath

Then, it’s all about beverages. Choose from your favourite drink – herbal tea, hot chocolate or even a sneaky glass of wine. Some people even like to snack in the bath so if you’re one of those people…a dish of fresh strawberries or some chocolate would make for a decadent experience.

Now it’s time to prepare your bath! Run the water to the best temperature for you, put a fluffy towel and your nightwear nearby so you don’t have to freeze while looking around the house for them. Folding up a towel and putting it behind your head puts you into fill relaxation mode. A good novel and some scented candles can also be a nice addition to your relaxation time. Just make sure they are not near anything flammable or likely to fall on you…that wouldn’t be very relaxing!

Bath oils are also a delicious addition to any bath ritual and can be used as they are or mixed into a blend of your taste. Add some Harmonie Oil for a relaxing smell.

This alone time is also the perfect chance to look after your skin and your soul at the same time. Since its Winter, using products such as Silica Mask, Face and Body Exfoliant and Espresso Scrub Bar are perfect to remove dead skin cells and pep your skin back into rejuvenation…and usually these are the things that are neglected in a daytime routine. Sitting with a face mask on doesn’t seem to take so long when you’re super relaxed in your Winter ritual.

2 thoughts on “Winter Rituals – Heavenly Baths

  1. Kirrah Holborn says:

    I love your article. Baths are amazing! I’ve just been learning the immense benefits of ‘sacred baths’ for women post-natally. Giving birth is a huge rite of passage and making time to have a bath with herbs, flowers and candles helps nurture, keep the new mother warm and celebrate her journey from maiden to mother. Add in some evohe products (like the silica mask) and what a delicious and nourishing treat it would be!

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