About us

EVOHE Skin CareEVOHE Skincare Range

• We are a revolution in natural & luxurious skin care and have been around for over 12 years!
• 100% Palm Oil Free, Vegan & Cruelty Free
• Completely naturally preserved (no chemicals or synthetics)
• Handmade with love in Australia, using the best available Australian extracts
• All our ingredients are carefully selected to ensure potency
• Eco friendly and smells like nature
• We have no rules – our products have multiple uses
EVOHE Lets you be the REAL you!

What's in a name?

• EVOHE is a Greek word meaning ‘Celebration of Life’
• It embodies the belief that we are not separate to our environment
• The name serves as a daily reminder for us to respect + promote the balance between man, woman and earth
• The EVOHE logo supports the concept of ‘oneness’ depicting Ouroboros – the circular snake


Our Ingredients

• Our mission is to formulate the highest quality, most nutritious and purest skin care
• We do this by avoiding cheap, harmful ingredients that should never be found on the skin
• All our products are free from palm oil derivatives, palm derived glycerine, synthetic fragrances, colours or preservatives, parabens, animal derivatives, soap, retinol, sulphates, mineral oils, pertrochemicals, propylene glycon, lanolin, triethanolamine or phthalates
• We deliver complete nutrients from the plant to your skin
• Our ingredients are formulated with minimal processing so they remain bioactive (active & potent)
• Your skin will thrive under natural ingredients like floral, berry and butter extracts
• All extracts, raw material and essence undergo an extensive supplier audit ensuring ethics & sourcing methods


Conscious Living Checklist


Palm Oil Free


• We use luxurious, sustainable alternatives to palm oil (and its by-product glycerine)
• Extensive research has been conducted to ensure that none of our ingredients include, promote or support the use of palm

Help us support orangutans. Here are a few organisations that can give you some practical steps that will make a difference.
Orangutan Foundation International Australia
Palm Oil Investigations Australia

You can also use the code: LOVE10 to support OFI and donate 10% when you order

Read more about Palm Oil here


Natural & Organic Ingredients


• 100% natural preservation system using herbal extracts and essential oils well known for antibacterial, yeast and mould properties
• We indicate with an asterix (*) in the individual product ingredient listings which ingredients are Certified Organic
• We do not choose an ingredient because it is ‘Certified Organic’ – our investigation goes beyond this
• For example use Colloidal Silver which is not available certified organic – why omit such a fantastic ingredient because it’s not Certified Organic?


Vegan & Cruelty Free


• EVOHE products have the vegan tick – we do not use animal derived ingredients or ingredients which have been tested on animals
• We are an Accredited Cruelty-Free Company
• We will never test our products on animals – only willing participants and staff members


Australian Made & Owned


• EVOHE is Australian made and owned – we manufacture and process all our products in Queensland
• We use as many native Australia extracts as possible and we’re proud of it!