Yes EVOHE is 100% Australian made and owned. We manufacture all products in-house in Queensland, Australia. You can read more about EVOHE here.

EVOHE was founded by Meghan Kurts-Forrester and the late Barry Forrester over 12 years ago in the hills of Northern NSW.

We develop and manufacture all our EVOHE products in-house in Queensland, Australia. This means that we know exactly what goes into our products, as there are no external or contract manufacturers involved in the manufacturing of our products.

Yes we do, just click here! Gift vouchers will be emailed to you immediately after placing your order. The voucher is sent as a discount code in an email. Either put your recipient’s email address in the ‘recipients’ area for them to receive it straight away or simply put your own email address and forward the voucher to them or print it on your printer.

We have a range of wonderful stockists across Australia, you can find your closest stockist by entering your postcode in our stockist locator here.

If you are unsure what EVOHE products may be best suited for you, you can take our free personalised skin consultation here. We encourage EVOHE customers to try samples and trial sizes prior to committing to full size products, you can shop these here. We also have some great starter/trial packs here to get a taste for our most popular products. We provide a full list of ingredients on each product page, so please read carefully if you have sensitivities. We always recommend doing a patch test prior to using our products – at the top of the neck and the underside of the wrist are the best places to try.

Orders & Payments

Please email us at service@evohe.com.au as soon as possible with your order details. Unfortunately if the order has already been shipped, changes and cancellations are unable to be made. If the wrong address is entered and the package has already been sent, unfortunately a $9.96 postage fee will be charged to send out the package to you upon being returned to us.

Unfortunately we cannot apply discount codes after orders have been placed and processed. Please read the offer and T&Cs carefully before processing your order and if you have any questions, please send us an email at service@evohe.com.au before processing your order.

Unfortunately our coupons do have a few exclusions, you can view our terms and conditions for a full list of exclusions here. Coupons are also not able to be used in conjunction with each other or on sale items. If you are still having difficulties, please send us an email at service@evohe.com.au.

We accept credit/debit card through Stripe or Afterpay.

Shipping & Delivery + Returns & Refunds

Our warehouse unfortunately doesn’t have a shop to visit and we don’t have a pick up option. However, we do have a range of wonderful stockists across Australia, you can find your closest stockist by entering your postcode in our stockist locator here.

Yes! Orders over $99 automatically qualify for free shipping within Australia, otherwise you can join our EVOSAY subscriber list for free shipping within Australia here.

Yes we ship internationally for a flat rate of $35 or $20 for our New Zealand customers. Please read our shipping and delivery policy here prior to ordering for important customs and tax information.

Orders are processed within 24-48 business hours and then fulfilled through Australia Post with an estimated shipment time of 3-10 business days. You can read more about our shipping and delivery policy here. If you are in a hurry, we do have an express post option also which has an estimated shipment time of 1-2 business days for metro areas.

Sign up here – you will get a notification once your account has been created on our website to reset your password. Login to your account to receive free shipping within Australia!

We offer flat rate postage for Australia through Australia Post for $9.96 or Express Post through Australia Post for $18. Orders over $99 and EVOSAY subscribers receive free shipping within Australia. We also ship internationally for a $35 flat rate or a $20 flat rate to our New Zealand customers.

Check out our refund or return policy here.

Products & Ingredients

Our products employ an airless pump dispenser which utilises a vacuum system to dispense the product. Airless packaging helps to keep air and other contaminants out of the product, thus extending shelf life and keeping formulas potent. When using your airless pump dispenser for the first time, you may need to “prime” your dispenser. To “prime” your dispenser, pump dispenser slowly about 10-15 times. This process of “priming” will activate the vacuum pump system. If at anytime your dispenser stops working, simply repeat the “priming” process to activate the vacuum pump system. Please do not take the pump off your product as this breaks the vacuum seal and potentially contaminates the product, this is especially crucial due to the natural preservation system we use.

If you find that your pump is still not working, please fill out the form here.

Firstly, don’t open the product or remove the pump! Once the bottle is opened, the vacuum seal that is created is broken. This makes it increasingly difficult to prime the pump back one this has happened. Our products are naturally preserved, so it is best not to take the pump out or put anything else inside the container due to the possibility of contamination.

Sometimes during Winter and colder climates, some products can tend to firm up a little which can make pumping a little difficult. This is due to the natural butters in the formula which can solidify in colder climates. We suggest sitting your product in hot water from the tap for approx. 10-15 minutes (maybe longer). Then shake the product well to remove any firm product stuck in the pump as this will be the most likely blockage.

To help prevent this issue, EVOHE products should be stored at temperatures between 15 to 30 degrees celsius. During these colder months, try keeping your EVOHE products in a warmer area of the house (eg. lounge room, bedroom).

Please also double check that the product is not empty.

If you find that your pump is still not working, please fill out the form here.

Our products must be used within 12 months of purchase. As our products are completely natural and not filled with harmful synthetic preservatives which are used to extend shelf life, we encourage EVOHE customers to keep products fresh and avoid buying in bulk quantities.

We regularly run sales so you can always find a saving on our website.

When we source and research raw materials we don’t decide to use something because it has organic certification. We continue to do our homework and make our decisions based on many natural factors.

As a brand on a whole, we have chosen not to certify the EVOHE range, however we do use a range of organic ingredients. We indicate with an asterix (*) in the individual product listings which ingredients are organic.

We source a number of raw materials that are unavailable Certified Organic e.g Bush Flower Essences, Colloidal Silver and Tissue Salts.

For some of our ingredients we also decided to use Australian ingredients over international ones due to the desire to support Australian made and owned companies (some of which aren’t available organic). Our research also indicated that the Australian ingredients were potentially purer than the imported alternative.

All of these decisions affect the percentage of certified organic materials in our products, which affects our potential for overall Organic Certification.

Our priority at EVOHE is to produce the purest product with the best possible ingredients, based on our own research and standards using organic certification guidelines.

Yes our products are safe for babies, you can see the baby logo represented on the products which are baby-safe. However even natural ingredients can potentially cause reactions for anyone. Therefore, we recommend patch testing any products especially on infants and consulting your doctor for further advice.

No. The oxides in our EVOHE mineral power are ochres which are non-synthetic natural cosmetic grade versions. The minerals are also larger molecules than nano which are designed to sit on the surface of the skin. As with all our products, we always ensure that purity is met and that our minerals are 100% safe for use in a cosmetic product.

EVOHE is safe to use during pregnancy, however we always recommend that you discuss any products that you use during pregnancy with your doctor.

Yes! Our products and ingredients have the vegan tick. We do not use animal derived ingredients or ingredients which have been tested on animals. We are also 100% Palm Oil Free.

Yes EVOHE is 100% Palm Oil Free. We use luxurious and sustainable alternatives to palm oil (and its by-product glycerine). Extensive research has been conducted to ensure that none of our ingredients include, promote or support the use of palm. You can read more about the Palm Oil Issue here. Plus our friends at OFIA (Orangutan Foundation International Australia) and POI (Palm Oil Investigations) have some great resources as well.

Our products and their ingredients are only tested on willing participants, staff and family members. We have never and will never test on animals. We are TRULY cruelty free!

Yes, EVOHE is formulated using 100% natural ingredients. We are also naturally preserved which means that there are no nasty incidental ingredients or preservatives hidden in the formula.

Yes all our products contain only natural and non-synthetic fragrance. We use essential oils to scent our products which are not only fantastic smelling but completely safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

All products are Gluten Free except, Face & Body Exfoliate, Cleanse and Foam Wash as our surfactant is derived from Wheat.

No our products are nut-free.

In the beginning of production, we had the option of purchasing cosmetic grade herbal extracts, however their potency was questionable and they had no smell or colour. This was one of the factors that led us to choosing Naturopathic grade herbs (for internal use) as we believe they have greater topical benefits. Cosmetic grade herbal extracts are also commonly extracted using glycerin which is a by-product of palm oil. So being 100% Palm Oil Free, this is something we made sure to steer clear of.

No, EVOHE products are free of nasties including parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), alcohol, microbeads, synthetic fragrances, palm oil, petro-chemicals, sulphates, animal derivatives, harsh detergents and anything considered ‘nasty’.

We don’t recommend refrigerating EVOHE products due to the natural butters in our products We recommend keeping your EVOHE products between 15 degrees and 30 degrees celsius.

Don’t worry! Switching to natural skincare can sometimes cause skin to ‘detox’ before it balances, try and be patient with your skin as this should settle after a week or so. Breakouts and changes in skin can also be caused by hormones, diet, change in season and other external factors, but if you do continue to experience any issues, feel free to contact us at service@evohe.com.au.

Often oily skin is due to the skin overcompensating for the lack of nourishment. By feeding the skin with Omega rich oils, your skin will balance out and reduce oiliness.

Yes! EVOHE products are unisex. We designed EVOHE so that the whole family can use it. From infants to teenagers, mature skin, men and women. There’s no need to have separate products for you, your husband and the family which means that you can downsize and have less of an impact on the environment. Win win!