When it comes to addressing men’s skincare needs, we know that a quick EVOHE Foam Wash and Exfoliating scrub are the daily shower go to’s.

We know that moisturising needs to be a no-fuss situation and if it can combine as an after-shave treatment then we are killing two birds so to speak. EVOHE Moisture Lite, Repair Intensive or Body Mist will certainly answer that call.

The question to ask is, ‘do you prefer a light milky texture with a spray-on application like our Body Mist or do you prefer more of a traditional cream texture like our Moisture Lite or Repair Intensive.’

If you’re a man with a beard you’re going to want to know about our Omega Body oil. Not only will it tame the wild state of affairs it will catch the light in a most mysterious way.

And let’s not forget scent.  Over the years it’s the smell of EVOHE that most men remark on. They simply love it, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Men also love knowing that it is totally reasonable for them to up the anti and get in on some pro ageing nourishment with our elluminate range.  What men have put their skin through certainly shows as the years tick by.  EVOHE deals with sun damage and barnacles too!

The basic principles of our formulas are to let the skin breathe and feed it with nutrients that are compatible.  This is crucial for those who suffer with skin sensitivity, men included.

Check out our EVOHE Cleanse as a shaving lotion for super sensitive skin.

Shout out if you need some support.  The 1:1 Skin Consultation with our founder Meg is a great resource to get you started so click here.

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